Clair Alderman

Mrs. C. Alderman

Head of Department

Welcome to Mathematics

The Ferndown Upper School Mathematics Department is one of the best (if not the best) in Dorset. We are extremely proud of the quality of lessons and learning that takes place , and our excellent results year after year.
Our main focus is on enjoyment in lessons. We use a wide variety of teaching methods and resources. There are lots of practical tasks , puzzles ,quizzes and games.
Students are regularly assessed so that we can build on their knowledge and provide help with any weak areas.

Key Stage 4
For key stage 4 we use the Edexcel exam board. The curriculum spread out across years 9, 10 and 11. You would normally have 4 lessons of maths each week, and a homework task. We will assess your key skills (number and algebra) three times a year to make sure you are making the right amount of progress. You will also have formal written tests each half term so see where you are with the concepts and in terms of grades.
If you fall behind for any reason we will give you extra help.