Maths Statistics GCSE

Clair Alderman

Mrs. C. Alderman

Head of Department

Examining Board EdExcel 

Reasons For Studying This Subject 

GCSE Statistics will expand your mathematical knowledge and skills in understanding, analyzing and presenting data. It will help with lots of other subjects and make you a better informed and more competent decision maker.

What You Will Be Studying

Statistics involves diadrams and calculations and being able to make comments and conclusions.

How You Will Learn 

We will look at data presented in various ways, draw diagrams and do calculations. We will then look at our results and see what they are telling us about the data and make conclusions.

How You Will Be Assessed

There will be tests on a regular basis during year 10, with a year 10 exam in the summer term. You will then have a mock exam in the autumn term of year 11. At the enof the course you will sit two exam papers. 

General Information 

For GCSE Statistics it is assumed that every candidate has the use of a calculator. It is necessary to purchase one. These can be obtained through the school or from many other outlets. All students will require a Scientific Calculator with Fractions, Powers, Brackets, Trigonometry and Statistics functions.

Contact: Mrs. C. Alderman – Head of Mathematics Faculty