Mr. T. Holbrooke Jones

Head of Department

Year 9

The primary focus of the Autumn term is on primary recording and material handling. Working in a range of materials, including pencil, pen, watercolour, poster paint and digital photography, students will work from direct observation, using tone and colour to record shape, form and texture. The Spring term will extend the prior learning and expand material use and contextual understanding.


The two main themes of KS4 are both centred around personal development and understanding. In Yr10 the focus is on the individual student and what makes them them with the ’Who are You?’ project. This then transitions into an environment based projects that asks the students to engage with the world around them in the ‘Edge of Town’ project. These coursework projects develop independent idea development skills and enhanced material handling, forming each students portfolio of sustained focus for Component 1. The second component, Component 2, is the externally set exam, which has to start in January of Yr11. For this, each student has to choose one of eight possible starting themes, develop personal ideas, supported by research and produce a sustained, personal outcome under controlled conditions that concludes this component.

Facilities / Equipment

Students have the opportunity to work across the Faculty’s extensive facilities, which include specialist Art & Design teaching rooms, an A Level studio area, a dedicated Textiles room and printing area. We also have a dedicated IT room and laser cutter. Students at A Level have regular use of the two large darkrooms that we offer in Photography.


Yr9- Art & Craft Club every fortnight.


Yr10 & 11- GCSE intervention and catch-up sessions every week.

The A Level working space is available for students to work in until 5pm everyday.