Art & Design GCSE

Option Block A or B

Mr. T. Holbrooke Jones

Head of Department


(Fine Art Endorsement) 

Examining Board AQA 

Reasons For Studying This Subject: 

Creativity through art can lead to a new world of personal discovery, not just in the end result, but in the journey you go on to produce it. By discovering more about the process of making art you will find out a lot about who you are and how you view the world. Creativity is about thinking differently and finding ways to visualise that unique, personal idea. 

What You Will BStudying: 

During the course, you will be investigating two main coursework themes: ‘Identity’ and ‘Environment’, both aimed at encouraging you to look at yourself and the world around you. You will also look at a range of interesting old and modern artists, experiment with a range of drawing, painting and digital photography techniques, develop your own ideas based on the themes and then produce an amazing, personal final piece of art, which could be painting, drawing, print, sculpture, video or photography based. 

How You Will Learn: 

The aim of the two project themes is to encourage students to look at themselves and the world around them with a thoughtful, personal, creative eye. They will gather visual and written research, produce a series of observational drawings, paintings and digital images that explore and refine the use of a range of art materials and techniques. 

The students will learn how to use a sketchbook to record their research, experiments and observations. This will enable all students to develop personal ideas into their own unique final piece.  

Work is graded, with a comment on what you have done well and how you can improve, as the projects progress. Time is given in the project planning for students to reflect on the comments and to improve their work before the whole project is completed.

How You Will BAssessed: 

  1. The two project themes, ‘Identity’ and ‘Environment’ form the coursework   component of the GCSE which equates to 60% of the overall grade.  
  1. The last project students complete is an exam component, externally set by the exam board, which forms the remaining 40% of the overall GCSE grade. This takes place in the Spring term of Year 11. 

General Comment 

Every student is given an A4 sketchbook at the start of each project, as well an A2 folder for storing larger work. The Art Department has a wide range of materials at the student’s disposal, in lessons and after school, as well as a comprehensive art kit for sale at £20 so students can continue with work at home.  

The Art Department at Ferndown Upper School is a vibrant and rewarding environment where all student creativity is encouraged to flourish.

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