What will you be studying?

Year 9 is a transitional year between middle school and GCSE and as such, in maths, students will consolidate their understanding from KS3 and be introduced to some new topics found on the GCSE syllabus.  These topics include, amongst others, trigonometry, standard form and cumulative frequency.  All the topics studied can be divided into four strands of mathematics; number, algebra, shape and space and handling data.

How will you be assessed?

Homework will be set once a week and will be marked either in class or by the teacher.  Mini tests can be given to find any common problems and help eradicate misconceptions.  More formally, students will sit a total of six faculty assessments throughout the year to track progress.  Students are set in ability groups and performance in these tests will contribute to set movements.  This will be coupled with teacher judgement on individual students.

Final Statement

Maths at FUS is enjoyed by the majority of students.  We have extremely pleasing results at both GCSE and A Level and this enjoyment is cemented in Year 9.  A plethora of teaching resources and techniques are used and students will have access to many ICT opportunities.  There are plans to run future trips to Bletchley Park to see how maths is used in real life.