The aim of the Yr9 Art curriculum is to enhance all pupil’s basic creative skills and build new ways and means of working visually that will develop both subject specific attributes, but also universal creative thinking skills that will benefit all students at GCSE level and beyond.

Each term has a unique focus in material use and outcomes, but all projects will use a range of interesting historical and contemporary artists as inspiration and the pupils will develop their literacy skills by writing about them . The Autumn term is focused on drawing and painting skills, with the formal elements of tone, colour, form, shape, surface and texture the key areas of pupil development. The Spring term has a mixed media focus, where pupils will explore a range of materials and processes including digital photography, printmaking and collage. This will enable pupils to make informed choices about potential GCSE Art & Design options during this term. The Summer term has a design focus to it, with pupils engaging in a range of design and construction briefs, including graphics, packaging and architecture.

Whatever the project brief each term, all have been developed to engage all levels of ability and build a sense of pride in their work and the progress they can make. To measure the pupil’s progress, at the start and end of Yr9 every pupil completes the same observational drawing, painting and annotation task. This baseline test is then given an NC level, as are all homeworks and each subsequent project final outcome.

Our goal over the year is to provide an experience that will engage all pupils in a safe and enjoyable working environment, build confidence in who they are and what they can achieve and hopefully inspire some to progress onto creative GCSE, A level options and finally our pre-degree Art & Design Foundation course.