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Our Vision

FUS Ethos and Values – #Ferndown Way

#Something for Everyone
Outstanding Learning Never Stops Inspiring Excellence

A highly achieving, supportive school, where students are engaged, have enrichment opportunities, enjoy their learning and are enabled to fulfil their full potential. We want a school where –
  • students feel safe,
  • where they can be whoever they want to be and are dealt with acceptance and respect,
  • where they are engaged and have fun,
  • where every success is celebrated,
  • where they become independent and resilient,
  • where there is opportunity of enrichment,
  • where they have high aspiration and develop leadership skills and confidence and
  • where they achieve to their full potential.

Ferndown Way To...

Staff Documentation


2.Independent Learning Lesson





7.Beautiful Books

8.Boys Learning

9.Overseas Students


Our students will develop into independent leaders by developing these key areas:

3 C’s and 3 R’s

School Priorites

1.To maintain a higher than national attendance rate, with an aim for 93%

2.To reduce the school’s PA percentage down to 15%

3.To achieve a Progress 8 score of +0.30 or greater.

4.To improve key group progress (PPG, Prior Attainment, Gender & SEND) to be in line with the rest of the cohort.

5.To achieve a 0 Value-Added score for 6th form outcomes or better (A Level and Applied General). ALPS of 5.

6.To deliver the Redgra land swap

7.To deliver a new 6th form block

8.To address inclusion issues

9.To improve 6th form attendance

10.T&L development to focus upon boy friendly teaching strategies. To focus upon motivating demotivated boys – improve outcomes of boys.

11.To improve the literacy skills of our students.

12.To improve the effectiveness and variety of questioning.

13. T&L development to focus upon homework in terms of its quality and enabling student to complete it.

14. To ensure delivery of More Able provision and maintain current progress.

15. To ensure purposeful action planning and impact statements.

16. To ensure a smooth and effective SEND process.

17. To introduce a school withdrawal room.

18. To ensure that there is consistency in application of school standards, specifically within classrooms.

19. To ensure behaviour is good or better.

20. To use the standards card appropriately and consistently.

21. To deliver a consistent social media message.

22. To ensure calm and safe corridors.

23. To deliver a co-ordinated programme of whole school events.

24. To design the curriculum map for 24-25.