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Financial Support

Financial Support for Pupil Premium students

Families that are experiencing financial hardship will receive financial support to contribute to school related costs e.g. trips, uniform, food, help with the cost of materials in subjects like Design and Art etc.
Financial support is available to all students for whom the school receives Pupil Premium.
These students will belong to one of the following categories:
1. To have been in receipt of free school meals at any time over the last 6 years (even if they are currently not entitled). A leaflet on how to apply for a free school meal is available from School Reception or here
2. Be a Child Looked After (CLA).

Trip subsidies
This is how we work out the trip subsidies that you will be entitled to:
• For mandatory curriculum related trips the subsidy is 100%.
• For optional curriculum related trips up to £100, the subsidy is 50%
• For other trips, the subsidy is up to 25% e.g. Spanish trip, Ski trip.

Uniform Grant
Your child will also be entitled to a uniform grant of £75 (every other year) towards the purchase of uniform. To obtain this, request a letter form the school office to take to the school shop.

Further Resources
Your child will also receive other resources such as revision guides, calculators, ingredients for cooking and materials for D&T etc.

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement & Policy 
For more information on the Pupil Premium strategies and how Ferndown Upper uses the Pupil Premium funding to support your child, please refer to:

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2023 – 2024

Pupil Premium Policy

Charging & Remissions Policy

Charging & Remissions Policy