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Understanding Bromcom

Your child’s Attitude to Learning Grade. (ATL)

Alongside your child’s academic progress grades, you will also receive a half termly Attitude to Learning (ATL) grade which remains visible on their Bromcom page. This is perhaps the most important of the grades as it indicates how well your child is working in school and independently outside of school.

ATL Criteria
Excellent learner The student has consistently produced work of a very high standard both in class and at home.
They contribute fully to lessons and are an active, contributing member of the class.
They are fully focused on developing their independence and curiosity as a learner and also upon
reflecting on their work. Their work is always presented to a very high standard
Engaged learner The student has produced work of a good standard both at home and in school.
In class, they are involved and have shown to be curious and independent in their learning, with good reflective skills.
Their work is presented to a good standard.
Coasting learner The student has produced work which is below the expected standard we have for them or of an inconsistent standard.
They are generally a passive learner, not distracting others but rarely taking an active involvement in the lesson.
Reminders are often required for homework and classwork.
Their work is rarely presented to the best of their ability.
Student of concern The student has produced work which is consistently below the expectation we have for them.
They are a passive learner and / or disruptive learner, not taking part in any aspects of the learning in a lesson and often having to be reminded to work.
Both homework and classwork are rarely completed on time, if at all.
Their work is not presented to the high expectation that we have for them.

As with the academic progress grades, if you are concerned by an Attitude to Learning grade in an individual subject and would like to know more then please email that subject teacher. If you find there are multiple Attitude to Learning concerns then please contact your child’s Head of Year.