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Junior Athlete Education

What is the Junior Athlete Education Programme?

Mr. Ellis

Head of
Physical Education

This is a programme that Ferndown Upper School have put in place to support the most able PE students. If you are coming to FUS from another school you need to tell us about your sporting success and your current level you compete at.

Young people that are talented in sport show a higher ability than their peers in the sporting environment and are considered to be More able (gifted and talented). These talented young performers face challenges in realising both their academic and sporting potential.

The school plays a critical role in helping to support them. The Junior Athlete Education (JAE) Framework is designed to guide and help schools to provide this support or young talented performers within their school, as an integral part of their whole school More able provision.

JAE Promotional Video

Who is it for?

JAE aims to support talented young sports people on the More able register at FUS. Performers at this level have huge commitments in terms of time spent training/competing and as result pressures can build causing significant issues that could be detrimental to their sport, their school and social lives . You will need to complete an application form to register your son/daughters interest in joining the programme, detailing their training commitments. This can be downloaded from here, once this is completed please email Ryan Ellis using his contact button above.

How does the JAE Programme Work?

The JAE Framework is based on “four pillars”. These cover how schools can recognise, guide, support and inspire talented young sportsmen and women:

JAE Pillar 1: Recognising Talent

Select the right young people onto the school’s talent   support programme through; audits, meetings, PE curriculum assessments, liaison with middle schools, community clubs/coaches and National Governing Bodies and through communication with parents.

JAE Pillar 2: Guiding Talent

Guide young performers through the critical years of  physical and mental development and on to the correct pathway that allows them to realise their sporting potential as adults.

JAE Pillar 3: Supporting Talent

Empower the school’s young talented performers with the skills and support to balance the conflicting challenges of their sport, studies and personal lives. This is achieved through ‘Talented Individual Needs Assessments’ , mentoring and academic and sport specific intervention.

JAE Pillar 4: Inspiring Talent

Inspire the school’s current and future young performers to achieve their potential and develop into role models, within the school and the wider community.

What are the benefits to students?

Development of the ‘Team You’ approach; Effective support of talented young performers depends on the co-ordinated support provided by teachers, parents and coaches. Together with other elements, this group is part of a young performer’s ‘Team YOU’.

Access to mentoring; A JAE mentor is a specially trained teacher or adult who helps students manage their time more effectively and cope with issues arising because of the demands on their time from sport and school. This can be both PE staff & other subject staff working together.

Whole School Awareness; Many staff have commented that the improved communication has assisted them with planning work for pupils and has given a greater understanding of the demands placed on these young people. Staff are frequently updated with; student success, sporting commitment, training/competition schedule and academic tracking and target grades.

Academic Intervention; Students across the year groups, especially when preparing for exams, attend a series of academic workshops . Athletes receive a range of specifically made JAE resources to help with coursework, revision and goal setting.

Sport Specific Intervention; When following the ‘Team You’ ethos we naturally develop strong relationships with outside coaches and organisations. By liaising with such groups we will be able to guide your son/daughter to maximising their potential

Specific parent and student workshops; At FUS we will offer workshops for students that cover a range of topics including training, lifestyle advice, family & coach/club conflict, sponsorship, using social media positively, training programmes, injury and rehabilitation advice and diet and nutrition as well as careers advice in the sports industry highlighting the need for a plan B. We also from time to time we welcome into school professional athletes that are prepared to give up their time for our students. This obviously depends on their availability. We try to offer parents the chance to attend workshops, or just the opportunity to discuss their son/daughters progress & barriers so we plan solutions together.