Mr. R. Ellis

Head of Department

Overview of the Course

40% Practical Performance 

Non-examined assessment is worth 40% of the qualification. This comprises the practical performance and performance analysis (coursework), both of which will be internally assessed and externally moderated.  

60%Theoretical Performance 


There is an increased emphasis on the theoretical content now worth 60% of the qualification assessed through two examinations. 

Component 1 (Paper 1) 

Fitness and Body Systems 

1hr 45min written exam 

90 marks 

36% of qualification 

Topic 1: Applied anatomy and physiology 

Topic 2: Movement analysis 

Topic 3: Physical training 

Topic 4: Use of data 

Worth 125 marks in total 

30% Practical = 105 marks (3x35marks/activity) 


10% Personal Exercise Programme 

 (PEP) 20 marks 

Component 2 (Paper 2) 

Health and Performance 

1Hr 15min written exam 

70 marks 

24% of qualification 

Topic 1: Health, fitness and well-being 

Topic 2: Sport psychology 

Topic 3: Socio-cultural influences 

Topic 4: Use of data 

Team Games Covered 

Football, Rugby, Handball, Basketball, Badminton/Tennis/Table Tennis doubles 

Individual Sports Covered 

 Athletics, Tennis, Badminton, Trampolining, Swimming, Table tennis, dance. 

Other activity options are availible if a student participant participates out of school, e.g. Boxing, Equestrian, Skiing 

You should take GCSE PE if…

  • You enjoy fitness and want to learn more about health the body and exercise and are good at Sciecne. 
  •  You have a keen interest in Sport and Physical Activity. 
  •  You are keen on personal development. 
  •  You have good grades in Science. 
  •  You are interested in how the body works in relation to Sport and Physical Activities. 
  •  You are committed to extra-curricular PE clubs / keeping fit – this is compulsory. 
  •  You are willing to work hard. 


Where can GCSE PE take you…

  • Level 3 courses at Post 16. 
  • Cambridge Technical Level 3 in Sport and Physical Activity. 
  • Career in the health and fitness or exercise science industry as well as something like working in the NHS or Physiotherapy, sports coaching, teaching, a personal trainer, leisure centre work etc.