Media GCSE

Mrs. K. Hosey

Head of Department

Examining Board WJEC 

The Reasons For Studying This Subject: 

It is impossible to over-emphasise the significance of the media in our lives today.  Studying the media will give you the skills to analyse media texts (both print and moving image); understand how the texts are produced; develop investigative, critical thinking and decision-making skills through consideration of issues that are important, real and relevant to you; develop your appreciation and critical understanding of the media and its role in society. Controlled Assessment will allow you to become a media producer in your own right when you plan, film and edit a piece for Television. The skills you learn will help to prepare you for further study in the subject at BTEC or A level and help you to access an increasing number of exciting and creative careers. 

What You Will BStudying: 

You will study the topics of radio news, current affairs programmes, newspapers, advertising, video games, magazines, music videos, TV crime drama and film marketing. Within each topic you will carry out a variety of tasks around the following areas:

  • The texts themselves – genre, narrative and representation. 
  • The organisations that produce the texts – marketing, rules and regulations and issues of control. 
  • The audiences and users of the texts. 

You will also have a choice of Controlled Assessment of: 

  • Plan, film and edit the opening to a new TV crime drama. 
  • Plan and produce the front page and a double page spread for a new lifestyle magazine. 
  • Plan and produce a poster and DVD cover for a new film from either Spy or Romance genre. 

You Will Learn The Following Skills: 

  • How to analyse the language of media texts (both print and moving image texts). 
  • How to reflect on the cultural messages and values presented in texts. 
  • How to compare texts, their institutions and their audiences. 
  • How to research and plan a media production. 
  • Production techniques, technical skills and evaluative skills. 

How You Will BAssessed:

Exam 70% – There are two exams for Media Studies GCSE:  

  • Component 1 – Exploring Media Language and Representation; 1hour 30mins; 30%. 

This is based around the topics of news and current affairs and a choice of two topics from advertising, video games, magazines and music videos. 

  • Component 2 – Understanding Media Forms and Products; 1hour 30mins; 40%. 

This is based around the topics of TV crime drama and film marketing. 

Controlled Assessment 30% An individual media production for an intended audience in response to a choice of briefs set by WJEC, applying knowledge and understanding of media language and representation.

General Comments 

Nearly every area of work has some contact with or involvement in the media, whether that be through promotion, production, or understanding of the influences the media have on the world. This GCSE course contributes to an understanding of the media that will allow you to make informed judgements both of your future courses and employment prospects. It is both analytical and creative and fits well alongside any other Option Choice. It also leads in to either A Level or BTEC Media courses in the Sixth Form.  

Students opting for this course will not be able to opt for the alternative Level 2 BTEC Creative & Digital Media Production course.