Ethics and Philosphy

Mrs. E. Goldbey

Head of Department

“Studying Ethics and Philosophy put me in great stead for life after school, teaching me transferable skills such as critical analysis, how to form a professional argument based essay and how to view topics from an objective point of view. After completing my A Levels I have since gone on to study Communications and Media at Bournemouth University. Having the ability to study ethics has been extremely beneficial when evaluating serious issues such as the media’s impact on society. I believe there has never been a more fitting time to study Ethics and Philosophy and open your mind to other people’s cultural, religious and political beliefs.” – Zach ex student.

Ethics and Philosophy at Ferndown is a subject that gives students the opportunity to engage with fundamental issues of life. Students develop the skills to analyse their beliefs and others. They have opportunities to debate key issues such as Capital punishment. Students are also helped to develop literacy skills which is shown through excellent results.

Year 9 look at Ethics and Philosophy in year as an introduction to their GCSE course which we start in Year 9 by looking at Crime and Punishment and Christian beliefs.

We also evaluate philosophical arguments for and against the existence of God.

In Year 10 and 11 we follow the AQA Religious Studies course looking at Religion and Life, War, Peace and Justice, Human rights as well as an in depth study of 2 religions Christianity and Judaism.

Students have the opportunity when possible to meet members of the faith communities and ask questions.