Business Studies GCSE

Miss. C. Juddery

Head of Department

Examining Board: AQA 

The business world affects everyone, both at work and in our leisure time. This course gives students the knowledge of how modern business works. It also develops the skills students will need to operate effectively both in work and as a consumer. The course has a wide range of areas in the syllabus and is an attractive and “real” course which links closely with the world outside school. 

What You Will Be Studying: 

The course studies all aspects of business. From the basic concepts of why businesses exist and their types, the course looks at ownership and the running of a business, including finance, marketing, motivation and organisation. External influences and pressures are also explored and take in the areas of government, trade unions, pressure groups and business ethics. 

How You Will Learn: 

Due to the nature of the course, students will learn in a variety of ways.  Many real world examples of actual businesses will be studied, looking at business case studies and current business news.  Students will get the opportunity to participate in mock business situations, such as pitching new project ideas.   

There will also be book work, guided by a textbook and other relevant materials.  Students will need to learn and carry out simple mathematical business formulas and be able to write structured long mark answers developing analytical and evaluative skills. 

How You Will Be Assessed: 

2 written exam papers:  

Paper 1: Influences of operations and HRM on business activity  

1 hour 45 mins  

50% of qualification  

Paper 2: Influences of marketing and finance on business activity 

1 hour 45 mins 

50% of qualification

Students opting for this course will not be able to opt for the alternative vocational Business Studies course. 

Contact: Ms C. Juddery – Head of Business Studies