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Year 9 Welcome Letter From Mrs Lock

June 2022

Dear Parents,

I am delighted to invite you to the new parents’ information on Thursday 30th June. The evening is the opportunity for you to meet me and other important members of staff, along with the parents of the other Year 9 students. 

The evening will be in two sittings. We would like to invite parents of students currently at Ferndown Middle School at 7pm. Parents of students from all other schools, are invited at 6pm. If you are unable to attend your allocated session, you are welcome to attend at the most convenient session for you. Each session will be held in the hall with a presentation with the Head Teacher, Deputy Heads, myself and Heads of House. The session is expected to last for 45 minutes and is followed by the opportunity for you to speak with staff from the SENCO, Pastoral and careers departments should you have any specific questions regarding your child’s transfer to us in September. We would recommend that students do not attend the evening as the event is targeted towards parents and carers.

Friday 1st July at 8.20am is the first day of the transfer experience for your child. We are very excited to be holding a full transfer day for the first time in two years. The day will begin at 8.20am in the Main School Hall. Throughout the day, students will remain with their tutor group and follow a full timetable.

FAQ’s for Transfer Day

  1. Transport – how does my child get to school?

You must arrange your own transport for this day.  Our day begins at 8.20am and finishes at 2.40pm. There will be plenty of staff and sixth form students on hand at the start of the day to ensure that your child knows where to go when they arrive on our site.

  1. What are the arrangements for break and lunchtime?

Students can bring their own packed lunch and eat it in our café or outside at the tables in our quad.  The cost of a meal from the café is approximately £3.50-£4 and you can choose either sandwiches (hot or cold) or a 2 course meal of the day.  Students will not need more than £5 to spend on drinks and food at break and lunch time.  If your child is eligible for free school meals, this will be provided from the main canteen for the standard amount.

  1. What should students wear on transfer day?

Students should wear their normal middle school uniform and arrive looking neat and tidy.

  1. Do students need PE Kit?

All students have a PE lesson on their timetable during transfer day so please bring normal PE kits.

  1. What happens if my child can’t do PE for medical reasons?

Bring a short note in from home to excuse them from PE. The PE department will allocate them an alternative task for the session.

  1. What should I do with any medication that my child needs during the day?

If your child requires medication on transfer Day, please drop this off at reception in a clearly labelled bag. Medication will be administered by our school nurse, Mrs Tonks.

Summer reading for students.

We strongly believe that all students should read regularly in order to stimulate their imagination and improve their linguistic and vocabulary skills. All year 8s will be loaned a book- “Bridge to Terabithia” by Katherine Paterson, which will be distributed to students on the transfer day, to read over the summer. Students will have connected activities within their English lessons during the Autumn Term.

FAQ’s for September

  1. When is the first day?

Year 9 Induction Day is on Monday 5th September

  1. What should students wear?

Full FUS school uniform – For the most up to date information please visit our website:

We enclose Appendix 1 for your information.  All uniform must be clearly labelled with the students name and house.

  1. Where do students go on my first day?

On the first day of the new term, all students will assemble in the main school hall at 8.25am for a short meeting, you will then spend time with your tutor before going off to lessons.

A copy of the full admissions booklet, which was sent to you some time ago, can be found on our website. This is a comprehensive guide, that we hope you will refer to throughout your time at FUS.

On Thursday 30th June, please look out for another email which will inform your child of their tutor group and form tutor.

Copies of this letter and any other transfer related information can be found on our school website: .  Any transfer related queries can be emailed to:

Kind regards,

Mrs C Lock