Computer Science

Examining Board WJEC

The Computing route will be  related to hardware, programming and networks.

GCSE Computing

A new and exciting course that will develop computing knowledge and skills that will be invaluable for anyone thinking of working in the computing industry.  Students opting for this course will learn programming and networking and gain knowledge of computer architecture, developing skills that can be taken forward and developed further for working in technical support of software development.

The course is broken down in to three areas covering; Computer systems, looking at computer architecture and the computer system model, including hardware and software and the internal representation of data.  Different types of networks and how  data is managed and processed. Security and the ethical, social, legal and environmental factors.  Using programming skills to design and create computer solutions.

How you will learn

This course is made delivered using through a mixture of theory based and practical lessons.

How you will be assessed

Assessment is by exam, controlled assessment including practical demonstration, and written reports.


Students could progress on to the BTEC Level 3 IT Practitioners and/or apprenticeships

Contact: Mrs. E. Knight – Head of ICT