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Exam Policies

Summer Exams Timetable

Year 11 Revision Timetable

Subject & RoomsEnglish (Main Hall)Biology (Biology area)Physics (Physics area)Chemistry (Chemistry area)Health & Fitness (CB7)
Health and Social Care (A9)History (B10)Media GCSE (B15)GCSE PE (CB3)
Product Design (E14)Spanish (D9)Ethics (B13)
Business Studies (B16)French (D10)
Music (Music area)
*Geography will run both online videos and half termly face to face sessions, speak to your Geography teacher for more information on specific dates*

*For information on Food Technology, Fine Art & Photography support sessions and specific dates please speak to your teacher*

*Maths Teaching staff will be available after school throughout the week if students would like to drop into the Maths department for additional support*
English (Main Hall)Biology (Biology area)Physics (Physics area)Chemistry (Chemistry area)Health & Fitness (CB7)
GCSE Drama (B1)History (B10)Computer Science (T Block)GCSE PE (CB3)
Product Design (E14)Ethics (B13)
Music (Music area)Media GCSE (B15)
Textiles coursework catch up (E5)

Mock Exam Timetables

Certificate Collection

Please do not forget to collect your certificates. You will need them for your college/university entry or any application for a job in the future.

Certificates for exam results received in Summer 2022, can now be collected from the main reception desk.

PLEASE NOTE: Exam boards only expect us to keep certificates for a 12 month period. After this time, they can be destroyed and replacement certificates can only be obtained from the Exam Boards at a significant cost (approx. £45 per certificate). At FUS our policy is to allow certificates to be collected within the first 6 months of issue free of charge, thereafter a total charge of £25 will apply.

Explaining Your Results

Important Notices