Year 11 Examinations and End of Year Arrangements

Dear Parents and Students
Re: Year 11 Examinations and End of Year Arrangements
The examination season is fast approaching and so we wanted to give you all the information regarding examinations and the celebrations planned for this term. We will send out the full revision session and examination timetable for your information as soon as this is finalised.

Study Leave
Study leave begins on Monday 3rd June 2019. Until this time students will be expected to attend all lessons unless they have an exam or revision class. All students should be in full uniform when in school, except Friday 24th May, which is a mufti day. Students are expected to stay in school until 2.40pm on Friday 24th May.

Movie Afternoon
Students have the opportunity to attend the Year 11 movie afternoon on Thursday 23rd May 2019. Those students who were eligible for the rewards trip are automatically invited and will be emailed an invitation. Other students may be added to this list if they provide a completed revision card to Mrs Milsom in B Block.

These will be available to order from now until Monday 20th May, costing £20.00. They will be available for collection on leavers’ day with the Prom tickets. Order forms and payment must be handed to Mrs Milsom in B Block. Samples of the hoodies are available to view in B Block and a list of colours that you can choose on the Year 11 board.
Order forms for individual photographs and the Year Group have already been handed out during tutor time. Orders must be returned to Reception by 9am Monday 29th April. After this copies can be ordered directly from Fraser Portraits.

All students will be given individual exam timetables showing their rooming and seat number for all of their exams by the end of April. They have two copies; one for the fridge and one for their pencil case as it must be brought to every exam with them as ID. Morning exams start at 9.00am and afternoon exams at 1.00pm but students must be outside the exam room 15 minutes before the start of the exam, with their pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers etc. in a CLEAR pencil case or clear plastic bag, also calculators, if allowed, mathematical drawing equipment and their timetables. Clear pencil cases with basic contents can be purchased from the John Thornton Study Centre for £2.
A small clear bottle of still water (no labels or flavouring) is a good idea, 2% dehydration = 10% loss of concentration. Sip carefully, it is a nuisance to have to go to the toilet!
DO NOT bring any unauthorised equipment e.g. instruction leaflets, calculator cases, sweets, lucky charms or any electronic or radio communication devices. MOBILE
TELEPHONES/IPODS AND SMART WATCHES ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN EVEN IF SWITCHED OFF – THE EXAMINATION BOARD HAS THE RIGHT TO CANCEL ALL OF A STUDENT’S EXAMS IF THESE ARE FOUND IN THE EXAM ROOM. All watches must be placed on the desks. Coats and bags will not be allowed in the exam room and must be left in student lockers. Students must be in full school uniform for all exams, except Friday 24th May 2019 (mufti day). Students who do not attend their examination will be liable for the examination fee. If an examination is missed for medical reasons a medical certificate from your Doctor will be required within 24 hours. This should be handed to the Exams Office.
NB: Examination boards expect you to be available until Friday 28th June for any contingencies.
Leavers’ Day
Monday 1st July will be the official final leavers’ day and will be busy! Students are invited to attend a ‘breakfast’ in the Sixth Form area at 9.00am. They will be given autograph books as a small gift from the school. It is our tradition to dress smartly on the leavers’ day so that good photographs can be taken. Our final assembly will then take place and students should be off site by 11.00am at the latest. Photographs, Hoodies and Prom tickets will also be available for collection during the breakfast.

The Prom
This is the same date as leavers day and that evening at AFC Bournemouth, with arrival between 7 – 7.30pm until 11 – 11.30pm. Tickets will be on sale from 13th May and will remain so until 24th June. Tickets for the Prom will cost £25.00 and cannot be sold at the door. They MUST be purchased in advance from Mrs Milsom’s Office at break or lunch. Tickets will not be issued to those who have C3 detentions outstanding or who still have Library or textbooks to return. (Please check with the JTSC if anyone is unsure). Please remember to bring a small amount of money if you wish to purchase a soft drink at the bar. Tickets will be issued to students on Leavers day/
Return of Books, Locker Keys and Fobs
All books should be returned directly to subject teachers before or on 1st July unless any
department has made other arrangements. Also please return any books borrowed from the John Thornton Study Centre. Please do not leave them at Reception.
Locker keys and fobs need to be returned to Mrs Milsomby the same date, if not before. Students will be asked to sign a list to indicate that they have returned their key, and received their deposit. Should the locker key not be returned by 1st July, the deposit will be used to purchase a new key. After 1st July, Lockers will be cleared and any items disposed of. Please note that if students are returning to Sixth Form then there is no need to return fobs. Any monies left on returned fobs cannot be refunded.
Examination Results

Students will be able to collect their results between 9.00am and 12noon on Thursday 22nd
August from the Main Hall. If students are unable to collect their results in person then a self-addressed, stamped envelope must be given to the Exams Office before the end of June. No
results will be given out over the telephone. If parents are collecting results for your
son/daughter he/she will need to give written permission. If results are not collected on the
specified day then it will not be possible to collect them until the school re-opens in
September from Reception. Staff will be on hand to discuss Sixth Form course options in the light of results on 22nd August and 23rd August 2019 from 9.00am to 12noon.
Certificate Presentation Evening
There will be a formal Certificate Presentation Evening in November to which parents and
students are invited. We hope as many students as possible will attend this first opportunity for reunion and celebration of their success. Formal awards from individual departments will
take place at this event. If students are not coming back to school please get in touch early in the Autumn term when the calendar has been finalised, ask a friend who is staying in school for details or check the school website. There will be limited space(s) for this event – first come first served! Last year was the best turnout ever, and the school hall was full.

We are always happy to receive any secondhand uniform to sell. Please send any unwanted uniform to Reception at school.
On behalf of all Year 11 tutors and teaching staff can we wish all students success in their
examinations and good luck for the future. No pressure – but we are expecting our best ever

Please do not hesitate to contact the Year 11 Team if you have any queries about these arrangements.
Yours sincerely
Year 11 Team