Outstanding GCSE Results 2019

Outstanding results for a third year in a row at Ferndown Upper School

Progress 8, the key government accountability measure is predicted to be +0.60, which should make Ferndown Upper School the highest achieving school in Dorset when the performance tables are released this October.

Overall, 75% of students gained a grades 9-4 (A** to C),

50% of students gained grades 9-5 (A** to B) and

16% of students gained the highest grades 9-7 (A** to A).

Other subject’s highlights were 100% grades 9-4 in Engineering, Italian, Chinese, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Finance and Ethics – with French and Ethics having over half their students receiving the highest grades 9-7. Other high-flying subjects were DT 89%, PE 87%, English 80% and maths 74%.

Other headlines figures are an Attainment 8 score of 47 points, which means that on average Ferndown students achieved the challenging new grade 5, (an old B grade).

Headteacher, Philip Jones commented, “I am very proud of the achievements of our students; they have received just reward for all their hard work. I would also like to thank our teachers for their hard work and support. The school’s progress score means students achieved 2/3’s of a grade better than predicted by the government and it now makes Ferndown the school of choice if you wish to overachieve. This is now the third year in a row of outstanding results and I am very proud to be the Headteacher of such a highly performing school. It is no surprise that we are oversubscribed in every year group”.

All of Ferndown’s students performed extremely well but a few of the top performers were:

  • Jonathan Moore with three grade 9’s and six grades 9-7.
  • Emma Tompkins with two grade 9’s and sevens grade 9-7.
  • Liam Underhill with two grade 9’s and six grades 9-7.
  • Kanishka Sharma with two grade 9’s and six grades 9-7.
  • Jenna Seton with a grade 9 and six grades 9-7 overall.
  • Dominic Ayres with a grade 9 and seven grades 9-7.
  • Darylan Kong with a grade 9 and five grades 9-7.
  • Ethan Griffin with eight grades 9-7.
  • Edward May with seven grades 9-7.
  • Ellie Smith with seven grades 9-7.
  • Jasmine Garner with seven grades 9-7.
  • Alina Keyms-Burgess with six grades 9-7.

In addition, a special mention goes to the following students who all achieved over two grades per subject better than their government target, which really is exceptional: Liam Hughes, Josh Garner, Sophie Wiseman, Honey Andrews, Sophie Reis, Aimee O’Connell and Jack Burton.