Our Ethos and Values

As a comprehensive school, we have a firm belief in providing the best for all our students. There is ample evidence, both nationally and locally, that students in comprehensive schools out-perform those in the selective system. All our students are important to us, those with learning difficulties as well as those who will go on to places at Oxbridge and other universities.

Our success is due to this strong belief in the potential of each individual, to our emphasis on helping students to learn effectively, and to the high quality teaching which is characteristic of the school.

From entry to the school, students are encouraged to set targets for themselves, and to take responsibility for their own learning. They are challenged to raise their expectations and their achievements, and to believe in themselves.

Students respond by achieving levels beyond national expectations, “adding value” at every stage of their education.

We believe strongly that achievement is based on selfbelief from students and we have developed many successful strategies to raise self-esteem, create motivation and support the needs of the learner. The school is well known for its work in this area, having provided successful additional courses for many years.