IT Facilities

Ferndown Upper School are proud to offer the following facilities:

  • 10+ IT Suites containing PCs with i3 processors / 4GB of RAM,
    the majority of PCs benefit from 22″ widescreen monitors.
    • A dedicated Apple Mac Suite comprising:

25 brand new Mac Mini computers.
22″ Full HD monitors.
Brand new Mac Mini server with new storage.
The very latest Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Lightroom software packages.
Would you like to use this facility for GCSE or A Level? Take a look at our Photography course pages.

  • A dedicated Music network with PCs running Cubase, Sibelieus and Sequel software
  • The full Adobe Creative Cloud suite available (select programs installed into particular rooms)
  • A fully managed WiFi network offering ‘Bring your own device’ for students and staff
  • Facility for staff and students to print from their personal devices whilst connected to the WiFi network
  • An Industry standard filtering solution from Barracuda Networks to keep students and staff safe whilst allowing all the relevant resources
  • Free Office 365 Access, students are eligible to download and install for free the latest full office suites for PC or Mac and benefit from 1TB of cloud storage. More details