Communication Procedure

Communication with Teachers

It is very important to us that we work closely in partnership with you, and communication is key to that. We recognise however that it can often be difficult communicating with teachers because they have a very full timetable. Therefore via email or student planner is our preferred method. To give you a better picture of a teacher’s day, at 8.15am teachers are in meetings, on duty or preparing for their tutor groups at 8.25am. Virtually all of a teacher’s time is taken up with lessons and sometimes they will go several days without a ‘free’ lesson, and those are generally taken up with meetings, planning and preparation, or covering a lesson for an absent colleague. Twice a week they will lose their 20 minute morning break to be on duty and the 30 minute lunchtime, if not spent on duty or running activities, will be used for planning etc. After school teachers will generally be on duty, in meetings or running after-school clubs.

Contacting You

Our preferred means of contacting you is via Parentmail. Parents who are signed up are benefitting by receiving letters and notifications via email and text and from now on we will also text you if we have to close the school in an emergency. Parents can also pay for trips and resources online instead of sending in cheques and cash.
For more information, please have a look at Parent Mail. To sign up, please contact Jayne Miller at school.

Contacting Us
Student Diary

This is by far the best way to get a message to a teacher promptly and should be used for the majority of everyday communication; the student is responsible for showing the note to the correct teacher. If you need to discuss something in more detail with a teacher, this is certainly the best way to ask them to contact you when they get the chance. If what needs saying takes up a bit of space, then please write a separate note for the student to give to the relevant teacher.


Use the main reception number to leave a message for a teacher to contact you; the reception staff will relay this to the teacher as soon as they can. Please note that there are no ‘phones in classrooms and lessons will never be interrupted for teachers to take calls. Even though they teach slightly fewer lessons, Heads of House and Subject Leaders generally have their ‘non-contact’ time booked for meetings with students, parents and colleagues. If the nature of the call is extremely urgent, please tell the receptionist the nature of the problem and we will attempt to find a senior member of staff who is available speak to you.


Please use the member of staffs’ email address to contact them directly. Please note though, that teachers are not always in a position to check emails during the day and we therefore aim to reply with three working days.. Please note though, that teachers are not always in a position to check emails during the day and it is not appropriate to expect work emails to be done from home. We will aim for emails to be responded to within two working days and obviously part-time staff may take longer, so email should only be used for non-urgent communication that cannot be done via the student’s diary.


Meetings should always be pre-arranged with teachers because they have such limited availability; we would not want to waste your time. If you urgently need to see someone, for instance if there is a serious family emergency or a child protection issue, please ‘phone ahead and the reception staff will attempt to find a senior member of staff to see you.


These should be notified to the House Officers in the Pastoral Centre following the instructions on our ‘phone answering message.