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GCSE Physical Education will extend your ability in, and knowledge of, a number of sports together with related sports science topics.

The overall aims of Physical Education remain the same but this course will enable you to develop a far deeper understanding of sports performance. You do not have to be an outstanding performer, as all abilities are catered for, but enthusiasm and commitment are essential. For example, attendance at after school clubs is expected once a week as one of the homeworks.

What you will learn

You can choose from a wide variety of sporting activities to demonstrate your practical skill in four areas. You will learn about techniques, tactics, rules and safety in each activity. In theory lessons you will learn about the human body in relation to sports performance and how it can be trained to improve performance.


Paper 1
Anatomy, Physiology, Safety, Sports Participation, Training Methods 40%

Paper 2

Students may opt to participate in the role of coach/official in 2 activities as well as participant.
– coursework 24%
– examination 24%
– controlled assessment/skill analysis 12%

Alongside the practical assessment, students will be expected to complete a 10 hour controlled assessment which combines the theoretical work with practical application.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Expectations
All students are expected to attend and participate in the after school clubs and take advantage of the excellent facilities and experience of staff to improve their coursework and examination grades. Students are expected to be in PE kit for all practical PE lessons, even if injured (they can adopt the role of coach/referee.) Any medical problems must be accompanied by a note. Long term absence must have a medical certificate.

Contact: Mr. R. Hayter – Head of Physical Education Faculty