Fashion & Textiles

Examining Board Edexcel

At GCSE, we offer a successful and evolving course that combines traditional skills with contemporary practice:

1.         Clothing & Accessories – Designing and making your own fashion garments e.g. t-shirts, bikinis, corsets, bags, belts, hats, shoes, jewellery.

2.         Fabrics – Designing and constructing your own fabrics using silk screen printing, weaving, stitching, knitting, felting.

3.         Fashion Styling & Promotion – Setting up and styling fashion shoots, taking your own photographs and editing them for use as magazine covers or promotional material.

4.         Branding – Developing your own brand identify, logos and packaging materials.

The structure of the course:
Unit 1 – Portfolio of work = 60% of final grade unit

This is made up of practical projects set by the teacher to which the students develop a personal response.  For the full course, students are expected to submit 2-3 coursework projects.

Unit 2 – Externally set task (exam) = 40% of final grade

The exam comprises a body of preparatory work completed in class, AND a 10 hour personal response produced under exam conditions.  NOTE: THE EXAM IS UNDERTAKEN IN YEAR 11.

Why Fashion & Textiles?

98% of our students achieved A*-C in 2010.

This is a qualification that will help you access higher level creative courses (e.g. A level Fashion & Textiles, Art & Design, Photography, Graphics etc) or employment and apprenticeships in the creative sector: e.g. retail/visual merchandising, fashion buyer, hair and beauty etc.


Contact:            Mr T. Holbrooke Jones – Head of Faculty