English Language

Ferndown Upper School will use the OCR board for the new English Language GCSE that commences in September 2015.  Students are assessed by examinations are the end of Year 11.  They will study a full variety of non-fiction and fiction texts from the 19th century to the present time and learn to write in a range of styles for different purposes and audiences.


Communicating Information and Ideas

50% of total GCSE

2 hour written paper at the end of Year 11

Focuses on reading and writing non-fiction texts.

  • Learners read and compare non-fiction texts: one 19th century non-fiction text and one 20th or 21st century text.
  • Learners write one piece of original non-fiction.
Exploring Effects and Impact

50% of total GCSE

2 hour written paper

Focuses on reading literary prose texts and creative writing.

  • Learners read and respond to literary prose texts, one text may be literary non-fiction.
  • Both texts are 20th or 21st century literary prose. There will not be a 19th century text in component 02.
  • Learners write one piece of original creative writing.
English Literature

The board used for English Literature is AQA


Shakespeare and the 19th century novel

40% of GCSE

1 hour 45 min written paper

Students read one Shakespeare play and one 19th-century novel (The Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde) for a final exam at the end of the course.

Students will not be able to take texts into the exam.

Modern texts and poetry

60% of total GCSE

2 hour 15 min written paper

Students study one modern novel or drama text and a range of poetry from the AQA anthology.

The subjects covered are ‘Love and Relationships’ and ‘Power and Conflict’.

They will also study poetry for an ‘unseen poem’ question in the exam where two poems are compared.