Examining Board AQA

Following the AQA specification the course offers practical experience of a range of performance methods and a progression of text from different historical and cultural backgrounds.  Students are encouraged to develop independence when working to make creative decisions and further their emotional and spiritual understanding through issue based projects. The course is excellent for building confidence and improving communication skills through co-operative working and live performance to an audience.  Students are given guidance in their chosen specialism (Acting, Lighting. Sound, Costume, management etc) and are made aware of links to and opportunities in relevant careers. The course also offers the opportunity to experience a range of professional live performance, in preparation for the written exam.

GCSE Drama Assessment Break-down
60% Coursework

Over the 2 year course students are required to study set text, and investigate a variety of performance genres including Physical Theatre, Improvisation and Dance Drama, from the perspective of the performer and designer.  All practical investigation and development tasks are continually assessed for Process and Understanding of Skills Development (15 marks).  There is a Practical examination of each finished Performance (45 marks).  Students can expect to complete at least 5 different projects throughout the course.  At the end of the course the 2 projects where students gained their highest score are submitted as their coursework component. (1 scripted, 1 improvised/devised).  Students can expect to perform to an External Moderator at least once throughout the course.

40% Written Examination

Students are set a two hour external exam.  Students must answer two questions, chosen from three sections. One of these answers must be based on practical work completed over the entire course, the second question can be based on a live performance seen or the study of a scripted play.

These exam questions allow students to show their understanding of style, genre and social context of Dramatic work, along with analysing specific practical skills used and seen throughout the GCSE.


Contact:         Mrs. S. Stephens – Head of Faculty

Ms. N. O’Connor – Head of Subject