Health & Social Care (Vocational)

Mrs. S. Stroud

Head of Department



Examining Board OCR 

This Level 2 course is aimed in particular at students wishing to pursue a career in a health or social care setting.  

The course itself is divided into four units: 

Unit 1 Essential Values of Care 

  • Human Rights 
  • Care Values 
  • Legislation 
  • Health and Safety 

Unit 2 Communicating in Health and Social Care Settings 

  • How to Communicate Effectively 
  • Personal Qualities 
  • Communication in Health and Social Care Settings 

Unit 3            Understanding Life Stages 

  • Stages of Human Development  
  • The Ageing Process 
  • Medical Conditions 
  • Support Plans

Unit 4            Understanding the Nutrients Needed for Good Health 

  • Dietary Needs of Individuals in Different Life Stages 
  • Creating Dietary Plans for Specific Needs 
  • Producing Nutritional Meals 

Due to the vocational nature of this course students will be actively involved in visits to a range of local care settings including health care and social care environments. It will also involve practical investigations and activities into the wide range of job opportunities within the health and social care sectors. 


Unit 1 25weightingExternal Examination 

Unit 2           25% weightingInternally assessed 

Unit 3            25% weighting                    Internally assessed 

Unit 4            25% weighting                    Internally assessed


This qualification is ideal for students who want a broad background in the health and social care sector. Upon completion it will enable students to progress to further education, apprenticeship, training or employment. It provides a suitable basis for further study in this subject or another related subject e.g. Level 3 Cambridge Technical Health and Social Care, CACHE or Diplomas. 

This Qualification could contribute towards meeting the necessary entry requirements for qualifications and training in nursing and professions such as occupational therapy, social work, teaching, physiotherapy and other health or social care related employment.   

Contact:Mrs. S. Stroud – Head of Health & Social Care