Health & Fitness (Vocational)

Mr. R. Ellis

Head of Department

Level 2 Technical Award in Health and Fitness (V-Cert) 

Overview of the V-Cert Health and Fitness 

Unit 1 Written External Exam 

Unit 2 Synoptic Project 

  • The exam is external and set by the exam board. 
  • It is worth 40% of your final grade. 
  • You are only allowed 1 retake. 
  • It is out of 80 marks.  You need at least 48 marks to pass at Level 2. 
  • The exam is 1 hour 30 minutes. 
  • Once all aspects have been taught from Unit 1 and Unit 2, the exam board will set a synoptic project which will be assessed by your teacher. 
  • It brings together all of your knowledge from the units and will be coursework based.   
  • It is worth 60% of your final grade. 

Overview – Why take Health and Fitness? 

  • This is a vocational qualification – so theory and practically based. 
  • It is equivalent to GCSE grades 8.5 – 1. 
  • It is ideal for students who want to develop a core knowledge and understanding and know how to apply these qualities to the Health and Fitness sector. 
  • It can lead to other Level 2 (GCSE) or Level 3 (A Levels) qualifications. 
  • Other subjects that complement the course are: Food preparation and nutrition, Maths, English and Science.

You should take V-Cert if… 

  • You enjoy fitness and want to learn more about health. 
  •  You have a keen interest in Sport and Physical Activity. 
  •  You are keen on personal development. 
  •  You have good grades in Science. 
  •  You are interested in how the body works in relation to Sport and Physical Activities. 
  •  You are committed to extra-curricular PE clubs / keeping fit. 
  •  You are willing to work hard. 

Where can V-Cert take you… 

  • Other Level 2 courses at Post 16. 
  • Level 3 courses at Post 16. 
  • Cambridge Technicals Level 3 in Sport and Physical Activity. 
  • Career in the health and fitness industry such as personal trainer, leisure centre work etc.