Geography GCSE

Option Block A or B or C

Martin Stickley

Mr. M. Stickley

Head of Department

Examining Board AQA 

Reasons For Studying The Subject: 

Geography is very topical and it is always in the news. It helps you to understand the environment in which you live and the background to world events and it focuses on important local, national and global problems and issues. It also develops many skills which you will find useful in the future. 

What You Will BStudying: 
The course has 2 units with several themes of study in each:

Unit 1:  Tectonic hazards, climatic hazards, coastal and river landscapes, tropical rainforests and cold environments.  

Unit 2:  Urban challenges, the economic world, development, global food, water and energy resources. 

You will also learn how to draw and interpret graphs and diagrams, how to collect and analyse data and how to read Ordnance Survey Maps properly. This will be covered through two fieldwork experiences.  

How You Will Learn: 

You will be asked to take part in group work, discussions, role plays, active learning and decision making techniques. You will use a variety of materials to help you learn, such as maps, diagrams, photographs, videos, newspapers and the internet. You should also be able to read and write clearly. It is important to be able to organise information and present reasoned arguments.

How You Will BAssessed: 

There will be three exam papers; Paper 1 will assess the physical environments covered in Unit 1 and Paper 2 will assess the human environments covered in Unit 2. Paper 3 will be based on a geographical issue exercise and will also feature questions about the candidate’s fieldwork experiences. 

Contact:Mrs. S. Chater – Director of Learning: Social Science 

Mr. S. Stickley – Head of Geography