Events Management (Vocational)

Mrs. C. Lock

Head of Department


WJEC Vocational award in Event Operations offers a learning experience that focuses on applied learning.   

There are 2 Units: 

Unit 1 – the Events Industry (48 GLH) 

Through this unit you will learn about the types of events and the types of organisations that can help to plan and run them. You will learn about the principles of event planning and regulatory requirements including licences and permissions. There are a number of factors that can affect the success of an event. You will learn about these factors and how to put contingencies in place so they don’t have a negative effect. Organisation of events is the key to success, so you will also learn how to calculate event payments and process administration. 

Unit 2 – Event Operations (36 GLH) 

In this unit you will learn about the role of team working and communication in effective event operations. You will learn about the importance of customer service and how you can ensure an event operates in a way that meets customer needs. You will also learn about how to evaluate the success of an event by judging it against success indicators. You will learn how to evaluate your own and others performance and develop the skill of providing constructive feedback. 

There are no specific requirements for this course. However, it may make very good links with courses in Business and Geography. 

Students may only opt for this option if they have also chosen GCSE PE 

Contact:  Mr. M. Stickley – Head of Geography  

Mrs C. Lock 



Points per unit 


Level 1 Pass 

Level 2 Pass 

Level 2 Merit 

Level 2 Distinction 











Careers In Events

The UK events sector is worth £42.3bn and sustains more than 530,000 full-time jobs.

Students studying Event Operations will gain a range of skills which have high value in today’s job market. This includes vocational skills such as teamwork, collaboration and customer service skills as well as analytical skills, budgeting, marketing, research skills, oral and written and IT communication, problem solving and time management.

Studying Events can give you direct experience of jobs such as Charity Fundraiser, Wedding Planner and Marketing managers but also experience with any jobs that involve customer service, hospitality, social media or marketing. It offers opportunities in travel, creativity and socialising. There is a huge variety to an Event Managers job. According to wages can start between £17,000 to £21,000 rising to £25,000 – £40,000 with experience.

Labour Market Information – LMI

It is really useful to look at the labour market when considering a career related to Events. Many sectors that use the same skills as Events students are areas of growth in terms of employment opportunities. For example, conference and exhibition managers and organisers are projected to grow by 6.3% over the period to 2027, creating 4,700 jobs. In the same period 50.4% of the workforce are projected to retire, creating 37,200 jobs.

The LMI for All portal provides high quality, reliable LMI information – see link below:

Learning Pathways

Level 2 Award/Certificate in Event Planning

Level 2 Certificate in Live Events and Promotion

Level 3 Diploma in Live Events and Promotion

Level 4 Event Management

Level 4 Wedding Planner and Events