Business Vocational

Miss. C. Juddery

Head of Department

Examining Board OCR 

The business world affects everyone, both at work and in our leisure time. This course gives students the knowledge of how modern business works. It also develops the skills students will need to operate effectively both in work and as a consumer.   

What You Will Be Studying: 

If you wish to develop applied knowledge and practical skills in enterprise and marketing. It is designed with both practical and theoretical elements, which will prepare you for further study of qualifications in enterprise, marketing or business. Once you have completed this qualification, you will be able to study a business qualification at level 3. 

You will study three mandatory topics as follows: 

  • Enterprise and marketing concepts  
  • Design a business proposal  
  • Market and pitch a business proposal 

How You Will Learn: 

To help students learn and develop business related skills and the wide ranging use of technology, the method of working is flexible. Much of the work is based on assignments where students are responsible for their own work, within the structure set out by the teacher. There are also regular input sessions by staff. The local community and real-life experiences are used wherever appropriate, with visits to businesses and from local business people. The use of Information Technology is an essential element of the examination and students are actively encouraged to develop and refine their skills. The use of computers is a growing area of business life and the course attempts to equip students with the proper skills. 

How You Will Be Assessed: 

There are three units of work. Students must complete all three units to pass the course. Two units are work portfolios assessed internally and one unit is assessed through an external exam. 

  • Enterprise and marketing concepts – written examination 
  • Design a business proposal – assignment
  • Market and pitch a business proposal – assignment

Students opting for this course will not be able to opt for the alternative GCSE Business Studies course. 

Contact: Ms. C Juddery – Head of Business Studies

Careers in Business Studies

Taking any business based subject will prepare you for a job in a huge variety of sectors.  Wherever you chose to work, be it in a multinational company, a small local company, or if you chose to start your own enterprise, you will be working in a business.  Not only do you gain an understanding of how businesses operate, but you will learn valuable transferrable skills in business studies including analysis, communication and practical problem solving skills.

Business subjects will lead to careers and jobs in a huge variety of companies working in all kinds of departments. For example, you may work in sales and marketing, production/operations, human resources or in finance.  In the local area, there are a number of both global financial institutions and retailers that are big employers and are keen to employ those with business skills.  These include JP Morgan, Barclays, LV and Lush.   Additionally, large organisations such as the NHS are always looking for qualified managers with business skills and experience.  You may also chose to start your own business, maybe turning a hobby you love into a career. Business studies subjects will equip you with the knowledge to be able to do this.

Labour Market Information (LMI)

It is really useful to look at the labour market when considering a career related to business studies.  Many sectors related to business are areas of growth in terms of employment opportunities.  For example jobs in business and related associated professions are projected to grow by 6.3% over the period to 2027, creating 10,200 jobs. In the same period, 50.4% of the workforce is projected to retire, creating 80,900 job openings.

The LMI for All portal provides high quality, reliable LMI information – see link below:

Learning Pathways

Post-16: A level in business studies/accounting/economics, Level 3 BTEC or other vocational qualifications in business studies/management.

Degree ideas: Business Management, Business Analytics, Film Business and Entrepreneurship, International Business Management, Business and Events Management

Apprenticeships – available in areas such as Business Adviser, Chartered Accountant, Data Analyst/Data Scientist, Supply Chain Manager, Project Manager.  Local businesses such as JP Morgan will often offer apprenticeships in a variety of areas within their company.