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Update on Face Coverings and Changes Monday 17th May 2021

From Monday 17th May

Students are not required to wear a face covering in classrooms or communal areas.

Students may choose to keep wearing their face covering appropriately if they wish to – we completely understand that many of us are not ready for this change to happen.

Staff continue to wear face coverings in communal areas.

Staff continue to teach in exclusion zones

Please help keep everyone safe in school – if you have a member of staff working closely with you, they will not be face to face to help keep everyone safe. You may choose to wear your face covering if you have a staff member working closely with you to keep both you and them safe. The staff member will have their face covering on.

Everyone on public transport (school buses / taxis) must wear a face covering still.

Some of your teachers are not vaccinated, have health needs or may be pregnant – they may request that you wear a face covering in their lesson / when they support you to help protect their health – please respect this request without asking why.

You will still need to bring your face masks to school as there will be times during PE that you may be required to still wear your face mask as the sports centre is a public area that is used by members of the public. Your PE Teacher will speak to you when you arrive to your lesson next week.

Please have a mask in your bag ready to use if needed.

Moving to no masks is a transition to hopefully get back to a more normal life for everyone.

As there are situations where you might need a mask as we transition back – some lessons, PE changing, working with a TA or other staff 1:1 – please have your mask in your bag or blazer pocket, so you can wear it when needed.

Bubbles, arm bands and one way system.

´All these measures remain in place – there is no change on any of these.

Wear your arm band so it is clearly seen on your arm (new ones available for £1 from reception)

Follow the one way system

Maintain year group bubbles before school, break and lunch time

Staggered ends to the day remain in place.

Changes to café.


Year 10 10.50-11am

Year 9 11am-11.10am


Year 9 1.10pm-1.20pm:

Year 10 1.20pm onwards

Y9 can now also use the creative Quad at break and lunch time.

Once Y11 exams are fully finished we will open up the seating in the bigger café to Y10.