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Letter to Parents 08.01.21

Dear parents and carers,

We wanted to make you aware of support available through Ferndown Upper School for families with home learning at the moment.

Please read the information below and any of these apply to you and you would like the help with, please email the correct year team on,, or with the details requested below for the ones that you need.

  1. Financial support with food vouchers.

All free school meal students receive a weekly supermarket voucher from us via email. We have the ability to offer these to other families as well now. So if things are a bit tight at the moment and you are not currently receiving free school meals, please email and let us know that this would be helpful to you. Please let us know by Monday 11th January for these.

  1. Food parcels

Through the previous lockdown and currently we are working with local supermarket and FareShare to offer food parcels to families. When they are available our staff collect the food each evening and then distribute it from School the next day. We currently email all those families with students who have free school meals about this each time they are available. If you would like to be added to this email for the food parcels, please let us know. We can also refer to the Food Bank as support for you.

  1. Internet access

If you are in receipt of free school meals, have a social worker working with the family or have a child with an EHCP and you struggling with internet at home which means that it is disrupting learning we can apply for 4G wireless routers. Please email and let us know this would be helpful. We can then request these for you from the local authority.

  1. Additional mobile data to support online learning.

If more mobile data would support online learning, we can request extra mobile data for you for anyone on these networks: Three, Smarty, Virgin Mobile, EE, Tesco Mobile, Sky Mobile, O2.

Please email the year team with the following details:

  • the account holder’s name
  • their mobile number (a number beginning with ‘07’)
  • their mobile network
  • whether they pay monthly or pay as they go
  • State that Yes you have had the privacy policy shared with you.

Please see this link for the privacy policy linked to this

  1. Loan laptops

If you need to borrow a laptop to support home learning, please let us know and we can lend one to you.

The pastoral teams are here to support your family through lockdown. Each pastoral manager has emailed out to all students offering support through email or a phone call, or face to face over TEAMS. Please encourage your child to take this opportunity if they would like. Daily tutor tasks each morning (8.30-8.50am) focus on supporting well-being and mental health with activities to engage and support the students. There are also weekly assemblies through Teams for students. Our website through the pastoral and safeguarding pages has many links to offer support for online safety, mental health and wellbeing. The lockdown page also includes guidance and support for online learning.

We are delighted to continue working with Ferndown Community Corona Virus Support to offer support locally. Within the community there is support for you with shopping, prescriptions or other help you might need – or you might like to volunteer through the group. Please have a look on their website or call 01202 936121 for support and more information.

Have a good weekend, stay safe and we look forward to our live lessons next week.

Kind regards

Jo Taylor

Deputy HeadteacherFerndown Upper School