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To ensure that year groups do not mix around school each year group bubble will have their own coloured armband;

  • Year 9 will wear pink.
  • Year 10 will wear blue.
  • Year 11 will wear orange
  • 6th form can be identified from their lanyards.

Bike Storage

  • Y11 students – in the Creative quad bike sheds.
  • Y10 students – along the chain link fence by the B block bike sheds.
  • Y9 students – in the B block bike sheds.
  • 6th form students – in the 6th form bike sheds.


Books will still be taken in and assessed so that feedback may be given but will be left for 48 hours to ensure that they are COVID free.


  • Y10 will be let out 5 minutes early to break time.
  • Y11 will be allowed to return 5 minutes later to keep the year groups apart.

All year groups may access the canteen once a day.

  • Y11 will at break time.
  • Y9 will leave 5 minutes early for lunch and will have 20 minutes in total.
  • Y10 will then have 20 mins – they may arrive 5 minutes late for P5.
  • 6th form will be able to access the canteen on a flexible basis outside of the times listed above.


Students will be taught in year group bubbles. The idea behind this is to reduce the number of people with whom they come into contact with i.e. other students.  According to government guidance in a secondary setting, staff can move from one bubble to another, as long as we can implement good quality social distancing and cleaning routines.


  • Social distancing lines will be provided on floors.
  • Hand sanitiser will be placed around school in strategic places and will be available in every classroom.
  • Year groups (bubbles) will be allocated their own areas and toilets.


Students should sit in year group areas e.g.

  • Y9 downstairs,
  • Y11 at the front upstairs,
  • Y10 in the middle upstairs and
  • 6th form at the back upstairs.


  • All desks will face forward.
  • In practical creative subjects, students will need to work facing each other (this will be arranged so that the students are more than a metre apart) e.g. Food work stations, DT work benches and clusters in Art & Design subjects. These students will therefore take breaks every 15 minutes.
  • All students will anti-bac their hands and desk upon entry to rooms. If students in computer rooms touch their face during the lesson, they must immediately anti-bac their hands again.
  • Teacher will attempt to Stream the live elements of their lessons for those students who are unable to come in.

Close Contact

Close contact is defined as being:

  • face to face contact from under 1m,
  • over 15 minutes contact within 1 to 2m or
  • whilst traveling e.g. car. This would therefore mean anyone the student has sat beside at a school desk, which is why seating plans are crucial for Track and Trace.


  • Please ensure that students have all of their own equipment.
  • Any equipment that is loaned will have to be done so on a long term basis or cleaned.
  • Equipment can be shared amongst the bubbles e.g. year group but must be cleaned before another bubble (year group) uses it. So a set of Y10 books may be used by different Y10 classes but must be cleaned before Y9 or 11 use them. If rotas are organised to ensure safe sharing of equipment, there is to be a 48 hour gap between uses (72 for plastics), this will ensure that cleaning is not required.
  • Books may be taken in and assessed after having been left for 48 hours.


  • All food will be ‘Grab & Go’ and there will be no sit down meals available.
  • There are set times when year groups may access the canteen, please see ‘Year Group Separation’.

One Way System

  • The school will enforce a strict one way system.
  • There will be no overtaking.
  • We will take away the school bells so that there will be a natural staggered start to movement around the school.
  • Faculty areas and SLT will police the school at changeovers.


  • This is to be updated but PE should be outdoors whenever that is possible, be non-contact and equipment will be cleaned regularly but may be used within bubbles.


  • There is not a requirement to take the students’ temperatures. Parents must not send their children to school if they are unwell.
  • Students are not to wear PPE in school.
  • This is optional for Staff and we will order whatever is required.


Poor social distancing will result in SD codes being logged. Any student caught deliberately acting maliciously in relation to social distancing measures put in place by the school (coughing, spitting, breaking restrictions on teaching bubbles) could be sent home immediately from school and a parental meeting  arranged. A fixed term exclusion may be used for students whose actions deliberately risk the health and safety of others in the school. 

Staff Safety

  • Teachers and TAs will predominantly stay within their 2m exclusion zone.
  • It is permitted for staff (teachers and TAs) to decide to circulate the classroom, ensuring social distancing, to give brief side-by-side verbal feedback.

Symptoms & Arranging a Test

  • Anyone experiencing symptoms should begin self-isolating and inform the school.
  • If staff or students become unwell during the school day they will be placed in medical.
  • Anyone with symptoms must isolate and take a test. Confirmed cases must then have anyone who has been in close contact with them isolate for 14 days.
  • Staff who have to isolate will still deliver their lessons from home via Teams and their students will engage with them in a computer room.

To arrange a test:

Track and Trace

In secondary, the emphasis is on social distancing, not bubbles. If a student or member of staff shows symptoms of the virus, the whole group need not self-isolate only those that have been in ‘close contact’. NHS guidance states: ‘If you develop symptoms, you may wish to alert the people with whom you have had close contact over the last 48 hours. You should tell them that you might have coronavirus but are waiting for a test result. They do not need to self-isolate unless they’re contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service’.

Tutor Groups

We will move to House based year group tutor groups.

Year Group Separation

  • Each year will have their own entrance and exit from the school.
  • 6th form will use the 6th form entrance and exit.
  • Y9 will use the Hall entrance and exit and use the upper quad.
  • Y10 will use the A block entrance and exit and go via the C block to the lower quad.
  • Y11 will use the E block entrance and exit and go to the Tennis Courts.
  • Students may leave their art and DT lessons from the outside doors at the end of the day but must remember to keep to the one way flow if they need to access the bike sheds.
  • Y9 will be taught in either a Teaching Group, a Maths / Science group or a PE group to minimise mixing.

Year Group Areas

  • The Y9 area of the school will be the Upper Quad, B block toilets and the Hall for wet break.
  • The Y10 area of the school will be the Lower Quad, C and D block toilets and the C classrooms for wet break.
  • Y11 will be the Tennis Courts and associated green area, the Leisure Centre and E block toilets and the Sports Hall for wet break.
  • The 6th form will use the 6th form common rooms, (one for Y12 and one for Y13) toilets and the seating area at the front of the 6th form block.