Read House Tutor Letter

June 2020

Dear ,

I am delighted to welcome you officially into Year 9 and it is with great pleasure that you become part of Ferndown Upper School. 

My name is Mr Collins and I will be your Head of Year for the next 3 years.   Your new tutor group will be .  Your tutor’s name is .  Read House is coloured red .

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know of some key points of interest that are coming up in preparation for your start with us in September.  We would normally have had a Year 9 Transfer Day when all of you would have come into school for a day, familiarised yourself with our staff, the building and our routines.  Unfortunately, due the COVID situation, we will not be able to do that for you this year. 

Meet The Tutor Afternoon.

As such, we will be inviting you to attend a Meet The Tutor afternoon on Wednesday 15th July.  We would like you to arrive at Ferndown Upper School for 1.20pm and go to the main student entrance near the Ferndown Leisure Centre.  You will be greeted there by our staff and Tutors on our tennis courts where we will register you and check your temperature. 

Your new Tutor will then take you up to your new tutor room where you will be able to meet the rest of the Year 8 students who are in your tutor group, get to know your tutor, ask any questions you might have and carry out some fun, team building activities.

Summer Reading for Year 8

We strongly believe that all students should read regularly in order to stimulate their imagination and improve their linguistic and vocabulary skills.

All year 8’s will be loaned a book – “The Bone Sparrow” by Zana Fraillon, which will be distributed to students on their meet the Tutor afternoon, to read over the summer.   This will then feed into the pastoral themes of 3Cs and 3Rs that will enable Year 9 students to develop the FUS learning culture.

English will also support this through their English in the World approach with the Year 9s with a connected unit after October half term and extra-curricular activities to connect to the text.

FAQ’s for Meet The Tutor Afternoon

  1. Transport – how do I get to school?                                                                                                              You must arrange your own transport for this afternoon.  You can either walk, cycle or be dropped off by your parent/guardian at 1.20.  If you cycle, you can lock your bicycle in either the bike sheds near the Leisure Centre or on our Tennis Courts.  We are asking that parents driving you into school drop you off in front of the school in the Bus areas and do not leave their car.  They can collect you from the same area at 2.30.
  2. What should I wear on the afternoon?

Wear your normal middle school uniform and arrive looking neat and tidy.  You can also wear your school PE kit should you wish if the weather is hot.

FAQ’s for September

  1. When is my first day?

Year 9 Induction Day is on Monday 7th September

  • What should I wear?

Full FUS school uniform – For the most up to date information please see our admission booklet:

Uniform with the school logo can be purchased from The School Shop, 3 Park Way, West Moors, BH22 0HL.  Tel 01202 893040

All uniform must be clearly labelled with the students name and house.

  • What about my locker, when do I get that?

Lockers will be issued during the first few weeks of term.

  • Where do I go on my first day?

On the first day of the new term, staff will be available to direct all students to the correct areas.

Parent Transfer Video.

We would normally have run a Parent Transfer Evening following the student Transfer Day, where we would have shared lots of important information for parents and been able to answer any questions you might have.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to do this due to the current COVID situation.  As such, our senior team will be preparing a Transfer video presentation for parents and will be able to address any questions parents might have through the usual email.  This video presentation will be ready for parents to view from Friday 10th July.  We will email all parents with information about this and the web link then.

Our admission booklet is also available for you on our school website.  The link for this is:

This is a comprehensive guide that we hope you will refer to throughout your time at FUS.  There is a wealth of information included, you don’t have to read it all at once.

Copies of this letter and any other transfer related information can be found on our school website:

I hope that your last few weeks at your current school are good ones and we are really looking forward to you starting with us.

Mr Collins,

Head of Year 9