Letter to Parents 23rd June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers, 23rd June 2020

Welcome Back
It was lovely to welcome Year 10 and Year 12 back into school today and although the school still seems very empty, it was great to see students in lessons again. We are very proud of them, they could not have been any more positive or happy and they were a real delight to teach.

Y12 were equally positive and well behaved and it was delightful to see them all working so hard in their lessons.

Some key facts were that 85% of those students who could return, did so. Social distancing was adhered to extremely well and there wasn’t a single behaviour incident.

On the laptop front, we should be issuing these out this week.

Government Update

You have probably heard the news that the government is intending for all students to be back in school full time from September, which is great news as it was looking like only 50% would be allowed back in at any one time under the current social distancing rules. So once the government has issued its instructions on how to take 100% of the students, while still socially distancing, we will update you
Stay safe,