Re-Opening Letter to Parents 8th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,                                                                                                         8th June 2020

Re-opening Details

Thank you for your responses to my brief questionnaire last week, it showed us that you think our home learning lessons are working well but that you would also like the students to receive some face to face support. Therefore, for the final month of the year (from the 22nd June) we are going to re-open to Y10 and 12. Unfortunately we have been instructed by the DfE that we cannot re-open to Y9 so we are therefore going to improve our home learning lessons to compensate for this.

I have summarised how all of this will look in this week’s assembly to students: . There is one slight change to the assembly in terms of how we will split Y10 into their ¼ in that we have now decided to group according to Biology class rather than maths. Remember that parents will not be able to view this assembly directly, but you can either ask your child to show it to you or you can view it on the school’s web site.

I will now highlight the main re-opening points because at the end of this letter I have included a much more detailed planning document.

When students come into school for their face to face sessions, they are welcome to bring in their IT equipment with them.

Year 9

Are not returning and will continue with their live lessons. We are increasing the amount of live lessons and from next week we are also starting an initiative called ‘Learning Groups’ where students will receive a progress tutorial from their classroom teacher in smaller groups once a fortnight. Also, from the 15th, tutors will be making weekly face to face contact with their tutees.

Year 11

Are to continue with their new A level work as well as completing their 6th form step up tasks.

Year 12

Will come into school for a weekly lesson per subject. This will be arranged by option block. Students can use their class timetable code to see which block their subjects are in e.g. 12E/Py1 means Psychology taught in the E Block.

Year 10

We will invite the students back into school to complete one full week of lessons with their teachers. This will mean that the school will only have one quarter of Y10 in school at any one time (in line with government regulations).

We will therefore split Y10 into four quarters with each quarter receiving one week in school and then completing three weeks of home learning. The week that your child returns will depend upon which Learning Week they are allocated to:

w/c 22nd June –          Learning Week One

w/c 29th June –           Learning Week Two

w/c 6th July –              Learning Week Three

w/c 13th July –            Learning Week Four

Within each Learning Week, the students will be further split into four ‘Learning Bubbles’ (A, B, C & D) where they will remain to be taught within the same classroom for the whole week. Each day the students will receive an option lesson as well as core lessons in English, maths and Science. Notification of your child’s Learning Week and Learning Bubble will be distributed by the 16th June at the latest.

Stay safe,

Staff back into school from Monday 15th June

From this date all possible lessons will incorporate a live element e.g. explanation / model answer / review of learning / progress check or ‘Learning Group’ discussion.

All ‘live’ teacher input will be recorded so that those students who are sharing IT and cannot take part live may view this content from home at a time that is convenient to them.

Lesson length will be whatever live elements you decide to incorporate on top of 30 minutes of the students working upon your designated tasks.

Re-open plan from Mon 22nd June

Arrival Routine

Year 10 students (in weekly cohorts of 25%) who are arriving on site at 8.30am (about 95 students) will enter via the main student entrance to school (by the E Block) and assemble in 2m distanced lines in their ‘bubbles’ under SLT supervision for their staggered start.  They will be registered, temperature checked and will use hand sanitiser and then be sent, individually, to their first timetabled lesson.

All Year 9 key worker / vulnerable students and those in Year 10 who are not in as part of the weekly 25% will continue to arrive at Reception. These students will be registered by Tracy, temperature checked, reminded of their allocated room and will then they will wash / sanitise their hands. These students will then go straight to their allocated IT room.

Year 12 students will be asked to arrive at 12.30pm on the school courts and to assemble in 2m distanced lines in their subject groups.  They will be temperature checked and use hand sanitiser and then swipe in outside E Block to register.  They will then go to the room on their timetable for their option lesson.

All movement around the school will be via a one-way system to ensure that students do not pass each other in the corridors. A video of this one-way system and of the starting routines outlined above will be distributed to students and parents at a later date.

Dismissal Routine

The Year 9 key worker and vulnerable group will be dismissed by their period 5 teacher at 2.30 from their IT room and leave the site immediately.  Year 10 will be dismissed from their ‘bubble’ rooms by their period 4 teacher on Monday to Thursday at 1.10 pm and by their period 3 teacher on Friday at 12.10pm. Year 12 will be dismissed at 2.40 by their class teacher and swipe out and leave the site immediately.

Year 9

Year 9 students will continue with home learning and will contain a ‘live element’.

We will ask lower school tutors to make contact with their Year 9 students during tutor time each morning and the aim is to have 10 minutes catch-up with each of their Year 9 tutees over the week.

As well as a live element within each lesson, teachers will also deliver a tutorial to a “Learning Group” of approx. 6 students, so that over a two week cycle each student will have this opportunity to discuss their progress with their subject teacher.

Three IT rooms (Study Centre, B8 and E17) will be staffed by a timetabled teacher and a TA to support the groups of key worker and vulnerable students who have been in school throughout lockdown.  These groups will have separate areas for an earlier break and lunch at 10.30am and 12.40pm and this duty will be shared between their period 2/3 and period 4/5 timetabled teacher.  We can then ensure that Year 9 students avoid mixing with Year 10 students, who will take their supervised break with SLT supervision at the usual time.

Year 10

Year 10 will be split into quarters and each quarter will be assigned a ‘Learning Week’. This week will be on a rota basis over the remaining four weeks of the term. Therefore, each quarter will receive three weeks of home learning and one week of face to face lessons. The programme for Year 10 for the remaining 4 weeks of term will be as follows:

Monday 22nd Jun: Learning Week One Cohort 10X1 and 10Y1 science groups split into bubbles A – D.

Monday 29th Jun: Learning Week Two Cohort 10X2 and 10Y2 science groups split into bubbles A – D.

Monday 6th July: Learning Week Three Cohort 10X3 and 10Y3 science groups split into bubbles A – D.

Monday 13th July: Learning Week Four Cohort 10X4 and 10Y4 science groups split into bubbles A – D.

The format for the students will be that they have an ‘option block’ face to face session each day (Mon – Thurs) and a range of core lessons taught by pairs of specialist teachers (Mon – Fri).  The students will arrive at 8.30 on the Courts, be met by JE, JLT and PJ, temperature tested, hands sanitised and then be sent to their option classroom with their option teacher for lesson one. 

Students will move around the school from their option lesson to core lesson following the one-way system and social distancing. This will be the only time that they move around the school each day.

All core lessons of English, maths and science will be taught in the same bubble with the same teacher for the week.

Each option class will be roughly seven students or less and each core class will be under 15.  Core lessons will run on periods 2, 3 and 4 on Monday to Thursday and periods 1-3 on Friday.  Students will stay in the same room for all their core lessons that week and their specialist core teachers will go to them. 

Option and core face to face sessions in school can also be streamed live on Teams to any students who have not come into school.

When they are in school – for their core lessons (English, maths and science) the students will only have to complete their schoolwork that week.

The option lesson will be a review of all of the learning so far (with tailored support given to each student) and therefore during P5 when the students are not in school they will need to complete the online work that the other ¾ of the class have been set. Staff will need to be aware of possible time pressures for these students.

Each bubble will be allocated their own set of toilets. 

Year 12

The Year 12 Childcare & Education students will be in school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday completing their normal timetable.  They will enter through the 6th form entrance by the Pure Drop, be temperature checked and hand sanitised and then stay with JHI in their separate rooms, they will not mix with the other students.

The rest of the Year 12 students will be in school for the four weeks for face to face lessons with their teachers each day.  They will come in on their timetable blocks on the following rotation.

Monday:           Block A classes

Tuesday:           Block B Classes

Wednesday:     Block C Classes

Thursday:          Block D Classes

Friday:              Block E Classes

The only exceptions to this will be the 12A/Hs1 class with Mrs Stroud and the 12E/Ep1 class with Mrs Cavalier-Hirth.  These colleagues will not be in school so all the lessons will continue to be delivered through home learning.

Students will go to their timetabled room with their usual Year 12 teacher.  They should arrive in these rooms from the Courts from between 12.30pm and 12.40pm at the latest and will then have a 2-hour extended lesson.  They will be dismissed at 2.40 by their class teacher, 10 minutes after the Year 9 key worker and vulnerable children have left the site.

They will not use the toilets as they are only on site for a short time.

Tutoring Y9 and Y10

From 15th June:

  • The tutor routine carries on as normal – please set the tasks you are setting with voting voice on Thursday through your TEAMs page and complete the engagement tracker by Wednesday.

From 22nd June for Y9 only:

  • Each tutor will also speak to each year 9 in their tutor group once a week (ideally in tutor time – for up to 10 minutes) This can be on the phone or ideally through TEAMS. Please log this as an i0 code.

Student Dress and Student Equipment

EquipmentAll students will be asked to bring only a pencil case with them (pen, pencil, calculator, ruler etc) and a water bottle. Bags will not be brought onto the site.

Uniform:  Year 9 and 10 students in school will be asked to wear summer uniform or PE kit.  Summer uniform will be black school shoes, black trousers or skirt and white shirt, white polo top or white blouse.  Students should not wear skorts as part of their dress.  Trainers can only be worn with PE kit.

G4S Coding

H codes: H codesremain in place and are to be used in the same way as they currently are. This is proving effective for tracking both by staff and parents. Please be aware that if Y10 students are on their ‘in-school week’, there may be a small delay to option work being handed in.

SD code (social distancing): A SD codehas been added to G4S – if you have to remind a student about social distancing after they have had a prompt, please record this on G4S. This will then be tracked and used to help facilitate conversations with parents where appropriate.


The timetable has been constructed to keep the use of rooms by more than one group to an absolute minimum to minimise the risk of contamination.  The majority of rooms will have no more than one group of students using it on any given week.  Those rooms which will have more than one group a week will have a 48-hour exclusion buffer timetabled in. For the very small number of rooms which need to be used on consecutive days, a special deep clean rota has been devised. The rooms being used for the key worker groups and the Year 10 ‘bubbles’ will only have the same students using it all week.

Staff Bubbles

Staff need to choose the most appropriate access point to school for them, ensuring that they swipe in and immediately handwash / hand sanitise. Staff will then remain within their nominated ‘bubble’ (their block or classroom), including during lunch and break times. Staff will therefore only be situated in their own classroom or will be supporting key worker / vulnerable students in their room, minimising staff movement.


TAs will be working alongside students in the key worker and vulnerable rooms, predominantly in the EHCP / SEND room. For those students that usually access a TA, the TA will join the core lessons of that student. TA weekly checking and recording of students will remain in place.


The Pastoral teams will arrange and carry out 1:1 support sessions at break, lunch time and P5 for those students who wish time to talk through their concerns.


We will provide staff with whatever PPE they have requested. We are considering whether students should wear masks.