After Half Term Parental Letter 05/06/20

Dear Parents and Carers,                                                                                                         4th June 2020

I hope your son or daughter enjoyed their week off and that you and your family are well. The school continues to be open to ‘key’ children and will be up until the summer holidays, please remember to book in via our school reception;

Wider Reopening of Ferndown Upper School – Next Steps

In terms of the remainder of our students returning, here is our timeframe.

Year 9 will not be returning to school before the summer holidays, but we are increasing our use of live lessons to compensate for this. We are also going to start an initiative called ‘learning group tutorials’ where each class will be spilt into groups of roughly five students who will have a learning tutorial with their teacher every fortnight.

From 22nd June, Ferndown Upper School will be opening to students from Y10 and Y12 and I will update you in more detail about how this will look next week. We are currently in the process of dealing with the challenge of designing meaningful education whilst adhering to social distancing. It is very likely that Y12 will come in for an afternoon session of a couple of hours on their designated option block day e.g. Block A subjects on a Monday, Block B on a Tuesday and so on. This would mean three such sessions a week for each student.

Y10 Questionnaire

If parents could give me some feedback on which model of delivery they prefer for Y10 this will help us to design a structure that meets your needs as closely as possible. All of the options have inherent advantages and disadvantages, with no option perfect, so we are in the process of evaluating what is best.

The three main options are;

  1. continuing with live lessons and the students receiving one to one, face to face support once a fortnight with their tutor,
  2. having the students back into school in changing small groups of fifteen, moving between classrooms to their lessons or
  3. being educated in our large spaces in a larger group (still with 2m between their desks) and the teachers moving to the students to deliver walking talking mock style lessons.

Years 11

To continue working upon their new A level Teams assignments.

Stay Safe,

Philip Jones