Week 4 – Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Carers,                                                                                                          24th April 2020

I hope last week went well and you son or daughter has been able to engage with our online lessons. I realise that it is a steep learning curve but I hope they have now settled into a good routine.

We have a new set of assemblies for you to view:

Year 9: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/19f009cf-585f-4d21-9db1-691ecfcb70c4

Year 10: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/79b37aca-c2fe-442b-a201-ca237dd8cb4c

Year 12: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/3036625f-5582-4405-bae7-474a4240524f

No Computer Access

We have made 35 laptops available to students this week and hope to use the government laptop scheme to issue out even more in the coming weeks. There is also the possibility of distributing 4g routers for internet access, so please ask your child to inform their tutor if IT or broadband is an issue and we will look to support you.

Working at Home

Generally, the response to our online lessons has been very good but we are noticing that some students have not been engaging as we would like. Whilst I do realise that working remotely from home with limited IT access can be very difficult, we are very keen to ensure that no student falls behind their classmates while the school is in lock down because we will not have the time to go over the work again when we return to school.

We are therefore going to start using an H code (home learning) to let you and your child know when this engagement is not as it should be. It is therefore very important that you let us know if IT issues or illness are affecting your son / daughter’s ability to engage, so that we may take this into account.  

A H1 will be for poor engagement or a missed deadline where the student has had to be reminded.

A H2 will be for lack of engagement or a missed deadline, after being Teams posted and emailed as a reminder.

A H3 will be for repeated non-engagement after we have also emailed you, the parents.

So you will see that before we set any sanction, teachers will have emailed / Teams posted your child to check if they need any support / reminded them that some work is outstanding.

We will then use these codes to monitor engagement and to notify you and your child via Go4Schools of how engaged they are.

The school’s plan is to keep track of those students who have struggled to engage and have them return to school first, so that they can be supported in catching up with the rest of their class. We will also use school’s ‘extended day’ procedure, which is when students stay at school for a P6, to catch them up.

Remember that we are only at the end of an email, phone call or Teams post if you or your child is struggling, so please do get in touch.

Stay safe,

Philip Jones