Year 9 GCSE Options Letter 9th April 2020

Dear Year 9 Students,

I wanted to write to you as we come to the end of the Spring Term and you get ready to start your GCSE Options from Monday 20th April.  I know that it has been a real challenge working in this way for many of you, however, we have been really pleased with the response and some of the brilliant work from so many of you. 

From Monday 20th April, we will be starting on a Week 2 on the timetable and you will continue being set work in English, Maths and Science in the same Year 9 groups that you are in now.  However, you will be contacted by the new teachers of your GCSE Option groups who will be setting up Class Teams and will launch your new courses that day, when learning will start up after Easter.

Your new Go4Schools timetable will look a bit different though.  All of your lessons for a subject will be on your Go4Schools timetable with the subject and the class code for it.  However, some of your lessons for each subject will not have the teacher name on all of the lessons.  Whether a lesson for a subject has a teacher name on it or not, you will be set work for all of those lessons by your teacher. 

I hope this is clear for you.  Please feel free to email me with any questions you have about this.

I really hope that you are all well and coping ok with this really difficult time.  We know how important it is to keep up with your learning, especially for your new GCSE courses after Easter.

I hope you have a good break next week and we are all looking forward to being in contact with you again from Monday 20th April.

Kind regards,

Mr Evans

Deputy Headteacher

Ferndown Upper School