Years 9, 10 & 12 Letter 03.04.20

3rd April 2020

Dear Student,

I hope you are all well and rising to the challenge of working at home? Remember, we are just at the end of an email or Teams post if you need any help?

Now that we are at the end of the first two weeks of working this way, I just wanted to give you an information update.

  1. Remember to engage with your tutor on a daily basis, this helps us to know that you are Ok and means we will not have to call you to check, or even worse, come out to visit you at home!
  2. Remember that we are using Go to notify you each morning what work you have to do for your lesson that day. This information may also be on your class Microsoft Teams page.
  3. Staff are now going to be clearer with titles; the lesson number in the title is the lesson sequence number not the period number.
  4. We are also only expecting 40 mins per lesson and you should now only see that days lessons.
  5. If you want to see old lessons click on ‘View full list of homework tasks’.
  6. Check the school web site for helpful guides on how to use the new technology.
  7. We are setting smaller pieces of work, like a daily challenge or a useful piece of enrichment for the first week of the Easter holidays to keep you in the habit of online learning and checking Go.
  8. For the 2nd week of Easter, nothing will be set as we are changing the timetable over so it will be a complete break for everyone.
  9. Over Easter, the school will continue to stay open for those students who need to come in, including the two bank holidays.
  10. From the 20th April, Y9 will start their GCSE options.
  11. We realise that you will have used up your work books up by now so moving forward can you either;
  12. use your own paper,
  13. use word and you can print it off when you return to school or
  14. use the ‘classnote’ function in Teams.
  15. If you are struggling to use one of the methods above please email your Head of Year and we will arrange to post work books out to you.

And finally, may I just remind you all that while you are spending so much time online remember to stay safe and to follow good online safety practices.

Stay safe,

Mr Jones