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Go4Schools Reset Password Guidance

A student and unsure of your Go4Schools login details?

You will need to perform a password reset, please follow the guide below to do this.

  • Head to
  • Click ‘Forgotten your password?’
  • Enter your school email address which is your school username (for example 19marshsco) with at the end and no spaces
  • Click ‘Send password reset link’
  • Access your School email here
  • Login to your School email with your school username and your password that you login to the school computers with
  • Look out for the password reset link from Go4Schools and follow the link in the email
  • Enter a new password twice on the Go4Schools page that loads from the link in the email – pay special attention to the password requirements listed on the Go4Schools password reset page.
  • Click Change
  • Once successfully set the page will change to the Go4Schools login page where Isobella can enter her school email address and this new password to access Go4Schools
  • Make a note of this password somewhere safe and secure (perhaps on the notes app on your phone) and never share these details with anyone.