Greenpower Car Club – Pictures

Students have been busy on Thursdays after school in the technology block with Mr Titterington building the new Greenpower car. The students from year 9 and 10 have assembled, cut, drilled, riveted, screwed and  bolted (the list goes on!) many different parts together on the new kit car and have been making really good progress. It is now starting to take shape (it looks a bit like a car now!) and has the steering geometry and linkage (including steering wheel) installed, floor pan and chassis affixed, and the seatbelt harness points and belts all in place and complete.

The team will continue engineering the car throughout the autumn term and aim to be ready for the spring when the car will be taken out to the first event of the season at Goodwood race track for their testing day at the end of April.

We will be offering this STEM engineering club to the new Year 9 cohort in September 2017 and look forward to having new members of the team to help us design, build and race the new car.