Year 11 Teacher Consultation Evening

21st January 2016

Year 11 Teacher Consultation Evening – Thursday 11th February 2016

Dear parent/guardian,
I wanted to write and explain how we are intending to organise the Year 11 Teacher Consultation Evening on Thursday 11th February.
We would like to make the evening as effective as possible and enable teachers to see, as a priority, those parents of students who will benefit most from a discussion about action and targets for improvement in the run-up to GCSE examinations in May.

This will enable parents, students and teachers to be allocated a suitable amount of time during the evening, to enable a full discussion about how the student is doing and the specific action they need to take now to ensure success in the exams.

I will, therefore, be asking teachers to make appointments with Year 11 students whom they need to see on the evening, rather than an appointment with the parents of every student. This should happen during the week commencing Monday 25th January. Students should record any appointments they have in their student planners. We will then be issuing the second, and final, Year 11 report to students and parents from Monday 1st February.

Of course, if you feel you will need an appointment with a particular teacher and your child has not been asked for one, this can be arranged. Please can you request this through the student planner with a brief note to the teacher concerned.
Yours sincerely,
John Evans
Deputy Headteacher