Go 4 Schools Codes For Medical / Pastoral Drop Ins

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Pastoral/Medical Offices

From Monday, we will be recording when a student drops into the pastoral or medical offices. We want to improve the communication between school and home. We know that it would be useful for you to be able to see if your child has come down to the medical or pastoral office during their lessons. When they do this, we will now log it as an ‘event’ on Go 4 Schools. You will see an i0 code for ‘Medical’ or ‘Pastoral’.

Obviously, there may be some circumstances (child protection) where we do not log their arrival in the offices. Students who are on the ELSA mentoring lists or who have time out cards will not be logged as we have already notified the parents of these students that we will be allowing them to come out of lessons for very specific and justifiable reasons.

We want to be clear with students, teacher and parents as to the function of the pastoral and medical offices. We are here to support a student’s learning!

A few students have fallen into bad habits and come to the pastoral or medical offices too often. The problem for these students is that ‘pastoral’ and ‘medical’ is stopping them from learning as they are spending too long there.

If your child has issues, emotional or medical, that are getting in the way of their learning, we will help to resolve these issues, or find them someone who can. Where possible though we want to do this at break, lunch, after school or during a lesson that is not vital to their progress in school.

Here are some reasons a student may come to the medical room during lessons:

  • A nosebleed happening now
  • A cut that has just happened
  • Suddenly feeling very sick/high temperature
  • They have just had an accident at school
  • Having an asthma attack/finding it hard to breath
  • Just received a burn
  • Any accident/injury/illness that requires FIRST AID
  • Here are some reasons a student may come to the pastoral office during lessons:
  • They have been issued with time out cards
  • They have organised times to meet with Mrs Harwood ELSA mentor
  • They have been asked to come to the pastoral office to see Mrs Edwards/Mrs Milsom
  • Here are some reasons that we will not accept to come to the pastoral office:
  • To get a hot water bottle – we do not allow students to refill hot water bottles. We use heat packs and cold compresses if needed for first aid treatment.
  • To get a drink – please can you ensure your child has a bottle in their bag so they can use the school fountains. We do not provide cups.
  • To get a paracetamol – we are not allowed to give out medication by law
  • To get some food – students need to get food from the café at break or lunch
  • To get a plaster for an old injury or blisters – they can do this at break or lunch
  • The issues below can be discussed at the pastoral office but only at break or lunchtime:
  • To get a new report card
  • To reorganise detentions
  • To discuss an issue
  • To ask for some help

Please can you talk to your child about their use of the pastoral or medical offices. If you are concerned that they need some support (either medical or emotional) please do not hesitate to get in touch.