Bus Timetables & Information

Dorset County Council runs all our bus services, except for the Bournemouth bus, which is run by us. Parents whose children need to use the school buses will receive detailed information from DCC about these services but this information can also be obtained from the school office. The detailed routes and times can be found by clicking on the relevant PDF document below. 

Courteous and considerate behaviour on buses is expected from all pupils. 

Parents’ help to ensure this is appreciated. The school reserves the right to ban students who misbehave from travelling on a school bus, and will be supported by the LA.
The buses operating to and from Ferndown Upper School are as follows:

Service Area Covered Run by Bus company Contact
S070A St Leonards*, Ashley Heath*, St. Ives, Avon Castle DCC Wilts & Dorset 01258 452545
S073A Trickett’s Cross*, Verwood* DCC Damory 01258 452545
S072A Woodlands*, Verwood*, Three Legged Cross* DCC Damory 01258 452545
737DC West Moors* DCC Damory 01258 452545
N/A Bournemouth via Longham, Kinson, Ensbury Park, Winton Banks, Charminster, Cooper Dean. N.B. Late bus service not included on this route. FUS Dolphin Coaches 01202 883134

All buses normally arrive at the Upper School Car Park at about 8.20am and leave from the same location 10 minutes after the end of the afternoon session. The school provides an additional late taxi service to some areas (marked “*” above) at 16.15 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – see late taxi details below.

Ferndown Upper School – Dorset County Council routes

To determine if your child is entitled to free transport, or to find out how to apply and pay for a bus pass call DCC on 01202 224545 or visit the DCC website.

Please note that 6th formers do not have an automatic entitlement to transport on the DCC buses. Passes are usually available but in most cases there will be a charge. Applications for September passes must be made to DCC between May 1st and May 31st. Any applications made after this date will not normally be processed until October half term. For more information please refer to Post 16 Transport Policy 2017 – 2018

Late Taxi

* Areas marked with an asterisk are also served by a late taxi on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, which departs at 16:15. This is run by the school using a taxi so places are limited and the cost is £1.00 per trip (PP students go free). Students should sign up and pay in the Pastoral Centre in advance for the trip they require as a seat cannot be guaranteed otherwise. If a student forgets to sign up, they may still be able to get a place but of course the taxi may be full if they leave it to the last minute. The route is as follows:

Disruptions to service

If a school bus fails to turn up on time in the morning, one student should use their mobile phone to ring the school (01202 871243) or the relevant bus company (above) for information and advice. If a bus fails to turn up after school, we will make every effort to get students home. For live information on any disruptions to service, use this link which will give the latest information: School transport updates – dorsetforyou.com

Bus timetables

Please use the links below to view bus timetables





Bournemouth Bus Route