13th January 2016

Headteacher’s Newsletter 13.1.17

Bad Weather
In the unlikely event of snow or very bad weather, there will be three ways that we will alert you;
• our web site,
• the DCC web site, https://mapping.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/closedservices/Service/schools who will also alert the radio stations and
• we will also send out a Parent Mail.
If we have to close the school during the day, we will call the busses to come and collect the students who travel by bus and we will also release those students who can walk home. Any students who remain with us to be collected by you will be in the school hall and you will be able to collect them from the hall side door, rather than having to come into the school via reception.

Jim Roberson Visit
Yesterday Y11 had a very successful visit from Jim Roberson, our visiting motivational speaker who has now inspired our students to give their maximum effort in the run up to their exams this summer. He is an excellent speaker and the feedback from the students has been very positive. Jim even had time to speak to selected groups of Y12 and Y13. So 14 school weeks to go.


I would like to remind you of the school’s policy about lateness. Students are advised to be at school for 8.15. The first bell goes at 8.25 and tutor time starts at 8.30. After this time all the school gates are locked and students are recorded as being late. The reason for locking our gates is to ensure the safety of our students. Please do look on Go4Schools for a detailed record of their lateness.

The reasons why punctuality is so important, other than preparing students for the world of work, is that students miss out on essential instructions given at the beginning of lessons, (in fact, arriving 5 minutes late each day adds up to missing 3 entire days of teaching by the end of the year). Arriving late also means that the class is disrupted and the teacher must take time away from the other pupils to explain what is going on. Since we launched our new system the number of students arriving late has reduced dramatically. Now there are only a few students each day who are not on time. Thank you for all you have done to support us with this.


We completed a uniform check on the whole school this week and the vast majority of students are in perfect uniform. Those who are not in the right uniform have been issued with a yellow slip and asked to get their uniform organised at the next possible opportunity. I’d like to thank you for helping us with this drive. Smart students lead to a calm and purposeful learning environment.

If in future you are buying shoes for your son or daughter, please can I remind you that trainers or canvas style shoes are not allowed. School shoes need to be formal and smart. If you are have any questions about what is or is not allowed please do contact the pastoral managers or check the rules on our website.


Detentions are completed on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school. Some students have asked if they can complete detentions at lunchtime and we would like to remind you that this is not allowed. Students who do not complete their detentions in the week are given a warning letter. If they do not then complete them in the following week they will be formally excluded from school for a period of one day. I am sure that you will agree that it is important that detentions are sat in a timely manner so as the student recognises that if they have made a mistake it is their responsibility to complete the sanction.

U14 County Netball Champions
The U14 Netball team have just won the PEDSSA County League.  It took place over a series of different dates and involved 9 schools.  FUS won all matches bar one. The eleven girls who make up the squad all contributed to some/all the matches and are as follows:

Jenna (Capt)