6th October 2017

Student Targets
We are delaying the release of student targets this year (and that is why Go4Schools looks a little bare at the moment). The reason for this is that the government has delayed in releasing this summer’s collated exam information. We do have last year’s results to go on, but since targets are so important to get right, we are going to wait for the latest information to be released, before we set them. I can assure you however that as soon as the government releases this year’s Attainment 8 information, we will action it straight away.

European Day of Languages

Thank you to fifteen of our overseas students (Spanish, French, Italian, German and Slovakian) who went down to WMMS to help them with their celebrations for European Day of Languages on 26th September. Our students took part in an assembly and then worked with the younger students on different activities to promote language learning and to celebrate diversity. Lydia, the teacher at WMMS stated that her students really enjoyed working with our students.

Open Evening
Thank you to everyone involved particularly the staff and students who were here, late into the evening. On nights like these, it always makes me feel very proud to be the Headteacher of such an outstanding school.

Message form Imogen Watkins – Head Girl
I wanted to share my feelings about Ferndown Upper with you all. As I look back on it now, with the end of my education at Ferndown Upper School coming ever closer, I feel so privileged to have come to a school where everyone is so welcoming and kind, where the standard of teaching is so high and where I have been grateful to receive such a high-quality education.