3rd February 2017

Headteacher’s Newsletter 3.2.17

Mufti Day
As decided by the School Council last year, the next Mufti Day on Friday 10th February (the last day before half-term) will be used to raise money for ‘Happy Days’.  This charity helps terminally ill, sick, disabled and abused children and young carers with respite breaks, holidays and days off.  Please remember to give your child £1 for this very worthy cause.

Youth Parliament Elections – Wednesday 1st February
We had a very successful election day on Wednesday with all of the local Mayors and Council Chairmen visiting us to lend their support. Our candidate, Grace Hill has spent a lot of time canvasing and therefore we are very hopeful that she will be elected to represent our area at the Dorset Youth Council. A big thank you to Mrs Bird for organising the election day.

Ellie-May Sheppard-Allen – Got What it Takes?
The new series of ‘Got What it Takes’ starts next week on Tuesday 7th February on CBBC at 4.45pm. It is a 10 week show and on week 8, the 28th March (for one day only) the public get to vote through 3 of the 8 contestants to attend the grand final. The prize is to sing at the Radio One Big Weekend on the main stage in front of 25,000 people. So I will remind you all nearer the time, but please vote for Ellie. Here is a link to one of her recent performances: https://youtu.be/W6ELw9XR8f8

On Monday we will be holding our John Thornton awards assembly where our successful applicants will have a chance to meet Linda and Pete Thornton, as well as Chris Chope MP, Cllr Susan Shaw (Mayor of Verwood), Mrs Lindsey Dedden (Deputy Mayor of Verwood), Cllr David Shortell (Chair of East Dorset District Council), Cllr Steve Lugg (Ferndown’s representative on East Dorset District Council) and Cllr Mike Parkes (Mayor of Ferndown).

Our students are very lucky to have the opportunity to bid for ‘life changing activities or equipment’ and on Monday they will receive their cheques.

Pastoral/Medical Rooms
From Monday, we will be recording and then informing you of when a student drops into our pastoral or medical offices as we know that this information would be of use to you. Therefore we will now log on Go4Schools an i0 code for ‘Medical’ or ‘Pastoral’. Although for safeguarding reasons there will sometimes be a reason for us not to log this.

Proper Use of the Pastoral and Medical Rooms
A few students have fallen into bad habits recently and they will come to the pastoral or medical offices a little too often, thereby missing too much lesson time. If your child has issues, emotional or medical, that are getting in the way of their learning, we will help to resolve these issues, or find them someone who can but we would prefer to address these issues before school, at break time, at lunch time or after school.

Reasons to access the Medical Room during lessons:
• A nosebleed
• A cut that has just happened
• Suddenly feeling very sick
• A high temperature
• They have just had an accident at school
• Having an asthma attack or finding it hard to breath
• They have just received a burn
• Any accident/injury/illness that requires FIRST AID

Reasons to access the Pastoral Office during lessons:
• They have been issued with a time out card.
• They have a meeting with Mrs Harwood (ELSA Mentor), Mrs Edwards or Mrs Milsom.

Medical Room – here are some reasons that we will not accept:
• To get a hot water bottle.
• To get a drink – please can you ensure your child has a bottle in their bag so they can use the school fountains.
• To get a paracetamol – we are not allowed to give out medication by law.
• To get some food – students need to get food from the café at break or lunch time.
• To get a plaster for an old injury or blisters – they may do this at break or lunch time.

Pastoral Office issues for break or lunchtime only:
• To get a new report card.
• To reorganise detentions.
• To discuss issues.

Please can you talk to your child about their use of the Pastoral or Medical Offices? If you are concerned that they need some support (either medical or emotional) then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Pastoral team.