11th March 2016

Headteacher’s Newsletter 14.3.16

Enterprise Challenge

Last week, our 6th form students celebrated success at the recent Dorset Enterprise Challenge Awards. Both companies that our students were involved with; ‘Just Jars’ and ‘Love Mrs Claus’ made over £600 profit. ‘Just Jars’ came first, and ‘Love Mrs Claus’ came second.

Charmaine and Charleen Gundu were part of ‘Just Jars’ and won: Best Presentation award  Innovation award  Real World Communication award

 Company of the Year Hannah Driver and Becki Tyler were part of ‘Love Mrs Claus’ and won:  Best IT award  Best Trade Stand award  Becki Tyler personally won Best Company Secretary

Community Party

The Y12 Performing Arts students held a lovely community party event last Monday, where some senior members of our community were invited in for a show, bingo and high tea. It was a lovely event, with the students integrating with their guests extremely well. Thank you to Mrs Hicks, O’Connor and Dymond for supporting their students. Year 9 Options We had a very full hall last Wednesday for our Year 9 students and their parents to come along to find out more about their possible option choices for next year. I walked around the school during the evening and it was lovely to see the support and advice that staff were giving.

Year 9 Parents’ Evening

Remember that we have our Year 9 Parents’ Evening this week, where there will be a chance for parents to speak their child’s current teacher about their progress or to also speak to a member of staff from any of the subjects that they are thinking of taking.

Business Budgeting

Event Mr Baines and his Business group also held a very interesting and helpful budgeting exercise with the University of the Third Age last week. I think everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves and also gained invaluable insight into the world of finance.

Parent Focus Group

Just a reminder that there is a meeting coming up this Thursday and our main topics are going to be ‘Reports’ and the information that we send to you about your child’s progress. We will also re-visit ‘Homework’ for an update.

Y11 Revision Evening This Tuesday there is a Year 11 Revision Evening for parents and students. Important revision information and techniques will be discussed.

Photos for Year 11 and the 6th Form

The students always look good at Ferndown but I must say they looked particularly smart last Thursday for their photos. These will be out soon and hopefully you will have a good picture to choose from.

Karate Success

Last Sunday several of our students competed in the KSE 9 Karate Championships. So congratulations go to Jack Lanham for coming second and to Megan Johnstone (Junior Black Belt) and Thomas Lay, who both fought extremely well, well done.